Saturday, December 17, 2016

holy mosiah!? 12/12/16


What a wonderful experience it has been to be back in my first area! It has taken a few days of brushing off cobwebs in my brain to remember where I am going but I have adjusted very easily. It's crazy because I spent all of last year's holidays in the same ward, area, and apartment. I was in training then and I am training now. LoCo!

ANYWAY. This week was pretty decent. We have been trying to resurrect my area that seems to have died a little bit but we are well on our way to having lots of success. We had a pretty spectacular experience this week with some of our new investigators that were picked up right before the transfer. Hermana Coffeen picked them up all by herself awhile back on a Blitz and she was super excited and nervous to meet with them.

Before we went into the lesson, I felt fine but of course not sure what to expect because I had not met Javier and Monica yet. We found out that they were awaiting our arrival and were 100% prepared and ready to meet with us. (SHOCKER). Right away I realized that this was going to be a special lesson. If these people are truly prepared at this time, we needed to make sure that we were extremely obedient to the Spirit so we could know what to do. The first thing that Javier told us was that since he had met with Hermana Coffeen the first time, he had read in the BOM up to Mosiah. MOSIAH people! I was stunned! While my companion said the opening prayer, I prayed with all my heart for the presence of the Spirit and to be guided as we taught these sweet people. 

We started off reading in Mosiah 6 but it wasn't really going the direction we were hoping for. (Which of course was baptism) So as the Spirit directed, we transitioned to 2nd Nephi 31. Powerful chapter. Yes. We read about Christ's baptism and after a wonderful discussion about it and how we can best follow Jesus Christ's example, Hermana Coffeen invited them to just that and be baptized. After a little nudging, they agreed. Hermana Coffeen, bless her heart, was just about over the moon at this point as she excitedly invited them for a a baptismal date this upcoming January. They agreed! The Spirit was so strong and Hermana Coffeen's big blue eyes filled with tears of joy. We finished the lesson by sharing the #lighttheworld video and it was perfect. 

It was humbling to be able to see again through the sight of a new missionary. As her first investigators on date, it felt like a miracle to Hermana Coffeen and because it was a miracle to her, it reminded me that it truly is an intervention of the Spirit when they willingly accept that baptismal date. I also know that my earnest prayer was heard and that our lesson was indeed guided by the Spirit. We were able to answer questions, use the scriptures, and testify with power and authority. We are so excited to keep working with these sweet people as they come to know that gospel better. 

I came to know the Savior better this week through my study of Prayer. Our mission president has had us print off a talk each week to study and analyze as we come to know the Savior better. They are so powerful and really do strengthen my understanding of who my Savior is and what kind of a person he was. This week I learned from reading "The Lord Jesus Christ Teaches Us to Pray" (from the past conference) that Jesus Christ really DEPENDED on His Father. He was constantly making that connection with heaven to ensure that the things that he was doing were within His will. I love how Jesus ALWAYS aligned His will with The Father's. It showed me that if I do the same thing, I will be able to be guided to know what to do, where to go, what to say and how to teach. It brought me to my knees in humble prayer as I redoubled my efforts to make my prayers more meaningful.

WELLL I think that is it for this week folks! I hope you all have a safe and joyful week!
Be Safe&God Speed.
Love, Hermana Tobler

1. My new companion/baby Hermana Coffeen from Hollister CA

3. Yours truly

IM GOIN HOME! 12/5/16

Yee Haww I am heading back to my cradle!! 

I started my mission with the world's best trainer in the "beautiful" Moreno Valley. This transfer notice states that I will return to my old area and finish the training of a new Hermana. I am SO EXCITED! I love the ward to death and you better believe that I am going back to get some real work D-O-N-E there. Whoo-hoo!!

So as y'all know, our mission is focusing heavily on coming to KNOW the Savior. I have enjoyed doing this so far mainly because it truly has strengthened my relationship with Him. Here is a little insight on my personal growth and study concerning Him.

 My love has grown bastante as I have come to know the Savior better. I have been studying the Sacrament and the Atonement more closely this week and I have come to understand even more about this sacred ordinance and his supernal sacrifice. One phrase that has popped up several times throughout my studies is "full of Grace". In Christ there is a fullness of everything. Love, hope, obedience, diligence, kindness, humility, patience, virtue, long suffering, charity, tenderness, and of course grace. In my study of the Stripling Warriors this week I have noticed that they were true participants in the fullness of Christ's grace. They were diligently righteous and therefore were worthy to receive the precious gift of grace. My love for the Savior has increased as I discovered new examples and evidence of the blessings of Christ's grace in the scriptures. I love how it wraps around the pleading, penitent, and righteous and gives them the strength, hope and stamina to continue on. I have felt buoyed by His grace on my mission and I hope to continue having that strength.

The trio had another dumpster photo shoot for you all to enjoy. I am sad to be leaving the hood and two of the best companions ever but change is splendid. 

Gotta love the good ole Michuacana Mexican Ice cream!

I love Hemet!!! #hemetisheaven

I love this woman. I mean Sister. I mean Hermana. #almamate

#lighttheworld 11/29/16

Behold I say unto you that faith is real. It works. Miracles are derived of our faith. 

If I learned anything this week, it is that faith is a choice. We can have as much faith as we want to have. If we truly believe that the Lord loves us and that He keeps his promises, we have no reason to be faithless. Have faith because truly anything is possible. I believe that. 

Thanksgiving! What a day! We didn't really know how to not proselyte so we slept, ate, and chilled with our zone. I love holidays on the mission. The weather here was BEAUTIFUL on Thanksgiving and after that, it has been so cold! (Like 50 degrees) I am so acclimatized it is sad. 

It rained SO HARD on Saturday so I risked my health to take a cool rain picture, I was drenched within seconds. and yes, my legs are still whiter than ever even after a southern California summer. Grr. 

I had a couple exchanges this week and it was such a blast! I always love exchanges because it gives you a chance to learn from other missionaries and become strengthened by them. I love my little seessters :) 

Sorry not too much to report this week! Transfers are next week so my fate will be decided soon. 

I hope everyone has a great week!

Be Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

Baptism or bust 11/21/16

Back when I was a young missionary in the missionary training center of Mexico City, Mexico. My district always joked around with our teachers about our role play baptism date. We always practiced putting everyone on date for the 20th of November to be baptized. It was random and funny. But yesterday, on the 20th of November, a whole year later, we were able to have a baptism. Not just one baptism.. but 2! It was so great! Crystal and Luis were able to finally be baptized and it was definitely a joyous occasion. 

Although this day was a great one, it didn't come without a little craziness! 
Here was our restful Sabbath day:
wake up, study and leave for ward council
do ward council
practice for a musical number I played for the ward
have church
make the baptism program
drive across town to eat some tacos
drive back across town to the church to fill up the font
find out that some elders decided to have a baptism when we reserved the font
herd all the Spanish members in the lobby while we wait for the English baptism to end
have the baptism
lock up the font and say goodbye to all the members
go proselyte for the last 2 hours of the day
have a lesson with a super old man with a cat who kept walking out of the lesson to get grapefruit for us. 
drive home
go to bed

In all honesty, this day wouldn't have been so bad if my body hadn't decided to get the flu and my nose wasn't running like a faucet BUT we were extremely blessed  for our efforts. 

I also went on a super fun exchange to a far tiny corner of the mission. Out in the little mountain community of Idllywild California. For the first time in almost a year, I was cold! I saw big trees! I saw a tiny taste of Utah. :) I also found a lady from my hometown in Syracuse Utah and that was super coincidental. 

Have a great week!
Stay Safe& God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

Asi es... 11/14/16


So good news all around basicamente. Things are looking pretty bright for the Hermanas of Hemet California. We will be having 2 BAPTISMS next week! A brother and seeesterrrr!! I am so jazzed. Luis and Crystal are super sweet. This week we basically taught them everything because we finally got the approval from their mother to baptize them. Literally the spirit is real and works miracles on the hearts of men. and women. of course. 
Also I have hardly seen my companeras this week because exchanges but I had a great time. One of the new missionaries I was with got to pick up and investigator and put her on date with me! It was a highlight for her and it definitely sparked her fire. The sweet sister from Logan was a little shell shocked to see what Hemet was all about. Man I didn't realize how cultured I have been here in Cali. 

Oh I also went on another exchange with a biking area sister. We got to pedal around the hood and teach the gospel! I have so much respect for those real missionaries who bike. KUDOS! WHoo Hooo!

Well the recent elections have definitely sparked a lot of debate on the streets of Hemet. People ask us all the time about our opinions and views. Of course we just nicely state our little sh-peel about how we are focused on the mission and later we will talk politics. Then the Americans get super mad and yell at us because they think we don't want vote. One passionate lady even threatened to spray us with her hose if we didn't scat quick. Goodness sakes lady. Hemet is just stuffed to the brim with a bunch of senior folks with giant opinions. It is great.

Our mission has done a pretty serious turn in our focus. Our President has been working with us to start focusing more on how we can come to KNOW the Savior. It is an awesome project and I have already seen some pretty big blessings.  I have been keeping a detailed journal of my insights on Christ throughout my personal studies and it has helped me recognize his qualities better. I came to know more of my Redeemer's mercy this week specifically as I read in the Book of Mormon. It amazes me continually how forgiving and patient the Savior is. No matter how many times we err, he is always willing and happy to forgive us. (Of course we need to be repentant) But I was just thinking how frustrated and weary I would be if someone kept committing the same sins against me all day every day. Yet the Savior patiently listens to our problems and helps us get back on the right track. I need to be more merciful in my dealings with my fellow men. I know that the sooner I forgive, I will be more easily forgiven. 

Well I hope everyone is enjoying life and counting their many blessings this lovely month. I know that when we take the time to remember how blessed we are, we are SO MUCH HAPPIER. Life is good because the restored gospel is here on the earth. Thank Heavens! The church is true and missions are the best ever.

Have a great week! 
Be Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

Monday, November 7, 2016

A trembling parent 11/7/16

Hola Hermanos!

como estan?! Bien? que bueno. 

SO this week was absolutely NUTs. Life consisted of a bunch of meetings in Riverside, emergency exchanges, hardly seeing my companions at all, and of course being blessed greatly. 

Things are going really well for the work and we have 2 investigators that are progressing to be baptized on the 20th of November. I am SO STOKED. It has been a struggle to get permission to teach them and I am absolutely overjoyed that we are moving forward now. But of course we cant release our breath until the baptism actually happens. #holdingoutonfaith

A few things came to my attention this week. I was sitting in sacrament yesterday and I was struck by the amount members there are in my ward and wards in the past that are the only active members in their families. There are so many who are faithfully attending alone, there are older couples that have recently returned to faith after years of excuses, and young people that have waded through the consequences of rebellion and repentance. A variety of people from these categories bore heart wrenching testimonies of how they regret that they couldn't have all their family with them. They cry because their children are not active in the church because they weren't diligent in teaching them, they cry because they joined the church later on and their children and spouses dont want any part of the gospel. The lost years are coming back to bite them even though they have changed, repented and have be forgiven by Christ. I was reminded of Lehi, the Book of Mormon prophet who begged his children to "hear the words of a trembling parent" and hearken to the teachings of Jesus Christ and stay firm in the faith. I know that growing up in the gospel is a blessing that so many take for granted, myself included, but now I understand how absolutely vital it is that we stay STRONG. We cannot afford to let go of the iron rod- even for a second. As the rising generation, I know it is our responsibility to be obedient and do everything we possibly can to be able to be worthy of the blessings we are promised. It broke my heart to see the pain of these wonderful members who are suffering from familiy members whose hearts will not be softened. Although it is difficult now, I have faith that one day, they will come back to the fold and that the the diligence of these members will bless their families in the eternities. 

Anyway, those are just my thoughts.

Hmm.. What else happened this week...?

So we kind of live in the hood and my comps and I have started what we call the valle vista dumpster photo series. Literally people throw away the most bizarre things. Because we park our trusty Corolla by the dumpsters we get a nice long look (and whiff) at all the goods. Yum. 

Okay here is a photo of my lovely BOSS STL companion, she is literally the most awesome sister missionary in the mission. MLC with her was bliss and this crazy transfer of a million exchanges will be great. 

Overall! Life is dandy, I love the work, the trials are worth it and the Lord loves His missionaries so we are doing just fine. 

Hope you all have a fantastic week. 
Be Safe&GodSpeed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

My mouth is really hot! ouch! spicy! chile! 10/31/16

Good Mornin' friends and family!

Miracles happen in amazing ways! My miracle of the week came when I received a text on Friday informing me that another one of the people I taught in Jurupa was going to get baptized! Here is Vanessa's crazy story... So upon receiving a referral for "Yolonda", Hermana Gomez, Babb, and I passed by her home a few times to contact her. On one of the occasions, her daughter answered the door and let us come in and share the message. She was open and accepting but we felt a little strange because she has a much younger mind than her 21 year old body. After returning a few times with Hermana Gomez and finding that her mom, Yolonda wasn't interested, we decided we should either pause Vanessa or pass her off to the YSA Elders. So... We invited the AWESOME YSA Elders over for a pass off lesson and it went SO WELL. They worked with her in a way that we couldn't and it was a real testimony to me that she was meant to be taught by the Elders in the YSA ward. Spanish missionaries are just not meant to teach people who prefer English, it is not our stewardship. As a result to passing her off, she blossomed and progressed very quickly. Although her mental disability provided a few hurdles, her mom was very supportive. Vanessa was baptized yesterday and it was beautiful. After the baptism, the YSA Relief Society President told Vanessa that she would be given the calling to be a Visiting Teacher. Poor dear got suuuuper nervous... after the service she asked me quietly if I thought she could really be a teacher. My heart almost popped in my chest because I have a testimony that God qualifies whom He calls. The missionaries are a perfect example. I took the opportunity to bear my testimony of the gift of the Holy Ghost and and how will help her magnify her calling. It brought me a lot of joy. I know she will be great. 

Also, this week, we had the pleasure of eating dinner with a really sweet Hermana and her family. He husband treated us to some salsa that he hand ground especially for us. IT WAS SO SPICY! I thought my amazing Mexican companion had trained me to eat spicy... NOT SO! It was kind of hilarious as the meal progressed, all of us were sweating, crying and our noses were running faster than a river. But of course they kept scooping the salsa all over everything because that's just how they roll. I LOVE LATINOS!

Oh! This is our new companionship! Hermana Schooff is from Nebraska and she is probably the MOST prepared missionary I have ever met. Every day I feel even worse for my trainer and all she put up with. Bless her. 

Well I hope yall have a great week and get lots of Candy!
Be safe &Godspeed!

Love, Hermana Tobler

Specific prayers... ARE A THING!! 10/24/16

WHELP~ Yellow from the Golden Coast! 

Actually I am not on the golden coast part of the Golden Coast but California still sends you it's greetings. We were baking this week before the sky decided to dump on us. Basically, the sky is raining buckets and I think that rain will never cease to feel like a miracle. BRING ON THE COLD WEATHER. I am so ready to make more use out of my rain boots. 

Okay so specific prayers are something we learned about in the MTC. Basically they are prayers with specific details that you have faith that the Lord will carry out.. IF it is His will. While I have tried saying prayers in the past, I had yet to have one that is in line with The Lord's will. But now I can say that I have!! 

So Sunday night we had some members come out with us and we went by to visit a super promising potential family named Norberto that we had but they weren't home. We ended up going and having a different lesson with a basher who was convinced we didnt know the name of our own prophet, John Smith. "Excuse me senor, I have no idea what I am talking about.." So after that terribly exausting lesson, we let the members go and we went back out on our own. 

After spitting off, we were still a little unsure about our plans and how to use our last hour of the evening effectively. Hermana Jensen suggested that we pray for direction and guidance. So we did! While I was saying the prayer, the name of the promising potential we had tried earlier popped into my mind. After closing the prayer I was unsure of whether that was just my brain being silly or if it was a spiritual prompting. I shared these concerns with Hermana Jensen and from there we decided to say a confirming specific prayer to help us know what to do. As Hermana Jensen said the prayer I felt a warmth and peace come upon me and I felt very certain that we should go by and see Norberto (the potential). So we went! Turns out that they had barely come back from the store when we stopped by again and they quickly stopped everything they were doing to gather the family and listen to us. We picked up both the parents and two of their sons as investigators and taught a tiny bit of the Restoration due to shortness of time. I was SO PLEASED. I have never had such a specific prayer answered like this and my testimony was solidified in knowing that the Spirit REALLY DOES put words into our minds. AH my mind was blown! I am so grateful that I was able to receive that spiritual guidance. I needed it and they needed it. 


Also this week we got a the transfer verdict. HERMANA JENSEN AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHA! But she will also be training! So we will be another TRIO! Crazzyyyyy... So now I have a new STL companion from an English area but it's all good. I trust that our leaders are following the Lord's plans for our mission. 
 Here are some pics!

I love you all! Have a great week!
Be Safe&God Speed.
Love, Hermana Tobler

Thursday, November 3, 2016

never.... forget... the cena... 10/17/16


Ugh so this week was a mixture of extreme stress and also some good things. 
A few things that brought on the dose of stress included President Mullen coming out to work with us this week and see how we are applying new concepts from General Conference that we are using in our mission. YIKES! We taught Oscar and a family in our ward and from what I am aware of, we did a good job and PASSED the test. Phewww.... 

Another stressful event! So long stroy short, our dinner schedule got mixed up and during the middle of splits we got a call from an exceedingly sorrowful member who made us this huge dinner and had been waiting for us to come. WE HAD NO IDEA! Her name wasnt even on our calendar! After much driving, calling, and rescheduling, we drove across our whole area, which is about 15 miles, to her house in the boonies. On the way we made plans to grovel and beg for forgiveness. SO part of that action was sacrificing our stomachs and eating all she placed in front of us. As delicious as it was, I would have been happy with just the little bowl of arroz con leche that she served us for dessert. I thought I was going to POP! We ended up not making it to MCM and so that in itself was also an issue. Lesson to be learned... Never mess up your dinner calendar or you will hurt all night. Ouch. 

Okay my heart literally broke when on exchanges we went by to see Gloria. (our cancer investigator)  We have been trying for weeks to get in with her but she has been gone or very sick. She was home so we knocked on the door and called her name to let her know we were there. The door was literally open and we could see her kids hiding from us! After some awkward silence, one of the kids said that her mom wasn't feeling well. I knew in that moment that things werent going to work out at the present time and we couldn't keep coming by. I was so sad... I literally held that little woman in my arms while she cried last week! I hope it is nothing that we did wrong but I feel like it is our fault. Seriously, I would have errupted in tears if I didnt have the sweet strippling warrior with me on exchanges. Sometimes the work is really hard. It isnt the labor, its the heart break..

Well I hope you all have a great week!
Stay Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

Good Morning and Good Night 10/10/16

Welp. Nose to the grindstone literally ALL WEEK THIS WEEK!!! However, by the time P-day comes I am too busy to rest so lately I have been crashing during lunchtime. It is absolutely beautiful to conk out for a solid 45 minutes. Wow how boring is that for me to be talking about sleep? I'll get into the good stuff.

Glorrriiiiaaaaa *cue lamenting sigh..* The poor darling has literally been going through SO MUCH. Her cancer is spreading from her brain to her lungs and it has been nearly impossible to meet with her. I dont want to let her go because she needs the gospel in her life now more than ever before. Truly one of the hardest parts of missionary work is that fact that the people that have the most apparent potential and the ones you love the most are sometimes not quite ready. Giving those people back to the Lord is torture but I trust that they will be found again and they will be baptized. One can only hope. 

Yesterday we experienced a miracle. Sister Jensen and I were a little frustrated because in all our efforts to find this week, we had not picked a single investigator. BAH! Sunday evening we were driving around and praying fervently before we went somewhere new. After awhile of no successful finding, we were able to find a member to come with us for an appointment we had at 7. The man wasn't there so we felt prompted to go try a couple that we had already tried earlier that day. Since nobody was home when we tried we decided to call them. They answered the phone and said that we could come by and share a short message with them. WHOO HOO! We went and had a short and powerful lesson with this man and his wife. The man (a cute little Mexican cowboy) has some serious addictions to alcohol and smoking and truly wants to change. He sees the importance of quitting to save his own life, have a happier marriage and gain the trust of his children. They both told us how badly they want to fix their situation and change. The easiest part for us was to wholeheartedly testify that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is a real thing and through the enabling power we can lean on the strength of the Lord. Now we just have to get them going and help them through the beautiful and miraculous process of REPENTANCE. Side note, I LOVE talking about repentance. It makes me so happy! Literally this concept is so misunderstood by many. I am happy to know that it is a time a turning to Christ, miraculous change, and opening hearts. I LOVE IT. 

Well some of these photos are some that I have been trying to send for weeks. ENJOY! 

Hope you all have a fantastic week!
Be Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler​

For the love of Pete! 10/03/16

So... Basically I have about 5,712 things to write about but I am just going to have to downsize a little bit.. First off!

Last Monday our zone went on a lovely hike up in Idylwild and literally, I have not seen pine trees or breathed fresh air in a good long while so it was divine! We saw some nice vistas and more beautiful pine trees. Ah so fresh.
Here are some pictures of the hike.

OSCAR- One of our investigators is progressing very rapidly, especially in the scriptures. We started teaching Oscar because he is currently renting a room from a member in our ward. He has a lot of questions but was pretty straight with us when he said that he didn't want to convert so we shouldn't waste our time with him. Because no time spent helping others come unto Christ is wasted, we brushed off his repeated attempts to get rid of us. We could feel something special with him. This past week we had a follow up lesson with him to see how his reading was going in the Book of Mormon. Last time he didn't read so we determined to get him on board. We sat down and he began by saying that he had read a little. WHOO HOO!! After our cheers he proceeded to tell us in detail a description of all that he had read in the first 7 chapters of the Book of Mormon. He talked about all of Nephi's trials and lessons he learned form the Lord and he also overcame the typical concern of Nephi's encounter with Laban. Typically investigators find it difficult to accept that God would command someone to kill another. However, Oscar saw the logic and the necessity for this action and followed through the instructions of the Holy Ghost. Let me say... We were BLOWN AWAY!! I was over the moon for a solid 3 hours after that! The little pill didn't come to conference but we will get him.

So I had the opportunity to go be a REAL missionary for a day... ON BIKE!! WHoo!! I finally got to fulfill my life long dream of peddling around and spreading the gospel. Although my backside was annoyed, I ripped my skirt and I almost ate it several times, I had such a great time. Exchanges provide and excellent opportunity to help other missionaries and also gain empathy and understanding for what they go through. I feel blessed to have been able to "peddle a mile in their shoes".

Little highlight moment happened this week when Sister Jensen and I found this cute little Mexican couple sitting on their porch this week while seeking with faith. The husband was lounging in his cowboy boots and mustache, smoking a cigarette and drinking a Bud Light. His little wife dressed in scrubs was writing on a notepad furiously. On initial contact we thought she was his nurse trying to get him to listen to her. LOL. However, after we explained our message, the man asked us if our message would help him quit smoking and drinking. We told him yes!! All things are possible through Jesus Christ and His Atonement. The Man then held up his cigarette and sincerely asked us to help teach him how to beat his addictions. WHOO! I have never taught the Word of Wisdom first lesson before but this week we will see how it goes! They were definitely a HUGE BLESSING to find.

Conference was absolutely FANTASTIC. Truly Conference is vacation for missionaries. I was so rejuvenated with spiritual instruction and I loved how much everyone stressed the importance of missionary work and learning the doctrine. I have a testimony that we will only be able to survive as families in this world if we have a strong and concrete understanding of the doctrine of Jesus Christ. 

Multi-zone Conference was also this week. (Talk about spiritual high). The Spirit taught me a lot about the enabling power of the Atonement and the gift of Grace. For the first time, this concept clicked for me. I know that in the "Strength of the Lord, we can do all things" and that is because of Christ's Atonement. Through His strength we are able and capable to do things were never thought we could do. I can testify that I have seen that manifest in my own life as I have been a missionary. My mouth has been filled, my body has been given strength, and I have felt clarity and understanding flow over me as I have been on the Lord's errand. I know that as we put our faith in Christ and this enabling power, we will be able to accomplish the impossible. I know that to be true.

Last thing!! This week I got to try a Bolivian staple : cunepas- a cheese and yuca flour bread roll thing. It was yum. 

Also, our trio died this week and that was very unfortunate. #andthenthereweretwo #arehastagsstillathing?

Well that is all this week folks! Thanks for everything!!

Have a fabulous week! 

Stay Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tober

Okay my pictures did NOT load and I am sad because they are great. I will figure it out next week for sure!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

OINK! Splash~PINECONESSSS! 9/26/16

"PINE CONEESS Oh my Goodness they're my favorite!!"

.... Name that movie! ;)

SO This week I went on my FIRST EXCHANGE EVER!!!! I was so excited! I got to drive up a huge mountain to visit some sisters that are literally working in a town in the mountains that is tiny. Poor things are so far away from everything but they are definitely working in a BEAUTIFUL area. After seeing nothing but palm trees and dirt for a good year, I was like tourist at Disneyland! Here are some fun pictures of actual trees and water! 

We also found a really cute and embarrassed pig. WILBUR!

Well I definitely dont have much time to write to day but love to all!!
Have a great week!
Stay Safe&God Speed.
Love, Hermana Tobler

Its the little things 9/19/16


So! Life is good! The trio life rules and I am so happy/blessed/excited about all the people we are working with. They are are all so great. We had another lesson with Gloria this week and it was tough. She just had another round of chemo so she did NOT look well. She couldnt even talk so we prayed for her simply and returned two days later. We taught our lesson kneeling around her bed! Weird. yes. But she was still very weak. Her children joined us and we taught the Restoration again and all of them LOVED it. They all the have their Book of Mormons so it is all going to be grand. We just gotta get those stinkers to church! My heavens I have never wanted to kick cancer and nasty divorces in the pants this badly! Yeet... opposition man. 

Our dinner canceled on us after a lonnnggg... slightly tiring, and not super successful walk in the Hemet heat. No that isnt the tender mercy. Lol. But we stopped by at a restaurant for a quick dinner before going back out to "seek with faith" (which is what our mission calls contacting). As I was paying for our meal, the young lady ringing me up asked me what my name tag meant. I explained that we are missionaries and that our purpose is to invite people to come unto Jesus Christ. She smiled really big when I said that. 
"Wow that is really cool!" She said.
A little shocked I responded: "Is that something that we could share with you sometime when youre not working?"
"Actually... Yes!! I will bring my friend as well!"
OHhh my word she was so darling!! She is so prepared!!! Elect! I cant wait to see how things go. Unfortunately she prefers English over Spanish and doesn't live in our area. :p But still!
I walked out of there feeling like I was on could 9! I know that after the trial of our faith, come the blessings. They may not be what we expected but she was really and truly what I needed this day. God is just so Good.

Other news... Hmm... We had a Cultural Celebration for a Ward Party this week and my my these members sure know how to party! Food is a must. Loud music and dancing follow closely behind. It was very enjoyable and I absolutely love serving all the Latin cultures. What a blessing.

Por fin, I know the Gospel is true. One thing that I learned this week is that we are truly and literally God's children. It is crazy because I have "known" this all my life but now that knowlege has turned into understanding. Currently it is growing into TESTIMONY. Gosh I love the Gospel. It is so perfect. Anyway. I love you all! I hope each of you have a spectatcular week! 
Be Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"...and my cup runneth over.." 9/12/16

Bah!! AHhh.. sighhh....
I am so humbled, grateful and happy. Yup. I am. It's true!!


First of all, we had the mos bomb-diggity lesson with Gloria EVER... Literally I was in a cloud of joy for at least and hour after. 
SO.  It has taken a little time to get to this point because our lessons with Gloria are usually very emotional  so it took a little time to get around to teaching the doctrine. But this Tuesday, we stopped by in the middle of the day to see if she was home. She was, and she was not doing well at all, having received chemo therapy last week. Thankfully she let us in and we sat down to one of the most spiritual lessons of my life.
We started by singing her some hymns of comfort and testifying of Christ's love for her. (The Spirit whooshed right in!!) Then we began to explain the beautiful message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She stared intently at us as we told her about modern day prophets, revelation, and the Priesthood authority of God. 
Quiet "wow"'s and "amen"s dotted the doctrine up until we started to explain about Joseph Smith. As I began to quote the First Vision, Gloria's sickly, blackened, and tired eyes began to widen and she gasped in surprise and amazement. The Spirit of God poured over us until it filled the room. It was so thick I could barely breathe, my heart wanted to burst. 
Gloria gobbled up the Book of Mormon and agreed wholeheartedly to baptism. When we asked her why she wanted to be baptized she said: "Because I want to be baptized by the RIGHT authority, I have been praying for the TRUE church for the longest time. I am so glad you're here because if I didn't feel like it was right, I would not ask you to keep coming back." 😍🙏🙌💓
She also told us that she and her children would be studying now out of the Book of Mormon as well as the Bible, and they would be baptized with her. 

I was literally dying. 
I am so grateful that Gloria has been prepared by the Lord to receive the gospel, I know that He is very aware of her. Her life is full of pain and suffering but I have faith that everything will change drastically with her budding testimony of the gospel. WHoo HOo!!

Other news!
I was very humbled to receive a calling! A calling within a calling! I will be serving as a Sister Training Leader here in Hemet! I will be participating in leadership conferences and going with Sisters on exchanges to help them progress. I am very excited and I sincerely hope that the Lord knows what he is doing. Good thing He qualifies whom He calls, otherwise I would be dead meat!

SO my new STL companion, Hermana Jensen, will be coming to join Hermana Godoy and me here in Hemet, we will be living the TRIO life and I am SO stoked. Trios literally are the best. We go on triple splits or "trips" and get 3 hours of work done in what we could normally do in 1. How sick is that? So it's pretty much the greatest. 

Well, I gotta get going but I hope you all have a great week. I am currently trying to calm my grief from the BYU vs. Utah game but I still believe the future is bright. Someday... Anyway, Thank you all for the support, love and care. 
Stay Safe&God Speed.
Love, Hermana Tobler

1. Mission Leadership Conference round 1 with the other new STL, Sister Ogden! 
2. A darling little street in my area

3. Other STL buddies #white

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Heart Throbs 9/5/16

Dearest family and friends,
This week was just so CrAzY! First of all, we had the Temple on Wednesday and that was just dreamy. It is so crazy how being a missionary and going to the temple give you the most spiritual experience ever. I enjoy the peace, comfort and recognition that I feel within those walls. I know that Temple covenants are the pinnacle of our life here on earth and I feel humbled and grateful to be a recipient of them. AHhhh *gushing over temple*
Also!! I had Soledad's Baptism this week in Jurupa!!! It was a small and quiet baptism and FULL of the Spirit. One thing I LOVE about Sole is that she is committed to God. Sole cant read or write but she faithfully listened to the Book of Mormon everyday while she cleaned her cactus. I know that her testimony took some time to sprout but after the seed was planted, she grew conditionally. It makes me sad because our relationships with these beloved people is so fleeting, but I know that this is how Heavenly Father intends it to be. I feel blessed to have been a part of her conversion experience.
Little tid-bit here... A big ole' BEE landed on my face yesterday. THANK HEAVENS it didn't sting but I sure flipped out for about 5 seconds. ewwwww...
Right now we are teaching the SWEETEST lady named Gloria. Amidst a myriad of other things, she is going through chemo for brain cancer. Every time  we meet, I am amazed at the strength this lady has. Her faith is strong, the seed is being planted, and I hope with my whole heart that she will accept the gospel at this time. I cant think of anything that would calm her troubled heart, soothe her fears and make the physical pain she is going through feel like a small moment. I know Our Savior tenderly cares for each one of us, and when I see some of our brothers and sister struggling like Gloria, I can feel the empathy that Jesus Christ has for her. As a missionary I sometimes feel just like a special witness to miracles in behalf of others, but yet one of the greatest miracles that I have seen is the exquisite love that is poured down from Heaven.
It's just beautiful.
that is all for this week everyone! Thank you all the support, love, and emails. You're so special to me.
Stay Safe&God Speed.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Glad Tidings Of Great Joy 8/31/16

 My last email totally was awful and I hope to be able to make it up to you all by writing something worth reading today. yeettt...
SO! This week was a busy one so I will jump right into it!
Cinderella's Nike.
About 3 weeks ago i lost one of my Nikes. My dearly beloved, neon orange, and worn shoe got lost on a P day with lots of running around. I was so sad! After 2 weeks of hoping and praying that it would turn up I bought a new pair to fill the hole in my heart. Even though I had new babies I continued to check the lost and found at our church (because I thought I had lost them there.) This past Sunday we were bustling through the halls chasing down members to come out and work with us when I decided to give the Lost and Found closet another shot. I opened the door and right in front of my eyes was my gross but so lovely Nike! I was over the moon!! After a minute of rejoicing and gratitude prayers I began to reflect on the experience. I was struck by the fact that the shoe had turned up AFTER I had moved on. I had already bought new shoes and had already accepted that maybe the Lord's will this time was for me to learn to not love material items as much. BUT, he still provided a way for me to find it. I was reminded that the Lord is very aware of everything going on in our lives but also knows the best for us. Trust in the Lord's timing is something that I am continually trying to improve but i have seen so many blessings when I do let Him take charge and lead the way. I am also secretly very happy that His will this time was to let me find my shoe. Hehe. :)
Seeking with Faith
Hemet is great but sometimes certain wards have trouble being available to help the missionaries. I love my ward here but sometimes it is nearly impossible to find team ups to go out and work with. This past Sunday was a bit stressful as Hermana Godoy and I realized that we still had a lot of street contacting to do to hit our goal. Feeling the desperate need to show the Lord our faith and diligence, we prayed fervently so to find some members to come out and walk with us. 1 hour before the designated time the Lord provided 2 willing sister to go and walk the ghetto streets of Hemet with us. YAY! But that is not all! At the time I was very stressed because our lack of new investigators this past week. I knew we needed to improve in that key indicator as well as member present lessons. I prayed before we went walking that we would find SOMEBODY to teach and share a lesson with. Miraculously, WE DID!! 2 nice ladies making skirts in a garage let us in and we shared a short but powerful lesson. I was ecstatic by this point! But wait, that still isn't all!! We continued walking and I attempted to contact a lady sitting in her garage fanning her face. Come to find out she was the mother of a less active family that we had been searching for LONG before I got to Hemet. She also has a nine year old daughter that wants to be baptized!! Oh my GOODNESS!!! If I was ecstatic before, now I was nearly crying with joy!! SO many blessings! But wait that isn't all!! I received a text that night that one of my dear investigators from Jurupa will be baptized this Friday!! I can wholeheartedly testify of God's goodness and his care for his children. I feel infinitely blessed to be here. I know his gospel is true.
I hop you all have a great week!!
Stay Safe&God Speed.

Hermana Tobler

Missionary Marriage Counselors! 8/22/16

YIKES!! NO I am just joking! Well for the most part. 

This week I had the opportunity to have 42 years of marrige distress dumped on me. Yes! I was out "Seeking with Faith" with a member this week, (which means talking to every single person you see outside for a few hours) and we approached a man sitting outside of a park. He was pensively staring at the sky when we started to chat. We began a good friendly discussion but it was quickly cut sort by the arrival of his wife. Within seconds, this couple began pouring out all the hurt and agony that had developed after 40 years of being married the man cheated on his wife for 2 years!  We literally stood in between them as they yelled at each other. It was crazy. We testified hard core about Jesus Christ being the way to settle all and peaced out quick. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hmmmm Hemetttt 8/8/16

AH Yas. 

Hemet is just the best. Okay, everything here just makes me laugh. It is just so funny because Hemet just has it's own special culture. If you are ever bored just look out the window, if you ever want to smell something weird then go outside, if you want to hear something "crunch" then step on a cockroach. It is just so  amazing! 
The ward here is just darling, the sunsets are killer and I have a pretty sweet comp. 

I miss Jurupa Valley so much already but I know that we are moved around for a reason. I feel so blessed to get to serve all these cuties here in Riverside County. More specifically, HEMET!!

Ew, quick story. Among a myriad of other rude things... A salty old man bragged to us that he had successfully pulled his ex-wife away from the church.  I was so chapped. I just testified about the Book of Mormon and marched away before I said anything un-Christlike. Thank goodness The Spirit serves as a calming agent too!

I hope everyone is doing well and getting back into the School mode and work grind.

I also hope that you all remember that I have a testimony and this is the BEST work ever. 

Stay Safe&God Speed,
Love, Hermana Tobler 

1...2....3....BAUTISMO!!! 8/1/16


So none of you will believe this but the Lord has just POURED out his blessings upon us. Yesterday Fernanado was confirmed at church and we baptized 3 souls into restored gospel. Yes! 3! I am overjoyed that Lupe and Juan were finally able to be baptized and Kevin (14 years old), another investigator that I havent written about but still is SO GOOD. 
I know Lupe and Juan were meant to be baptized together and now they are SO HAPPY and ready to direct their lives towards Christ. You all should have see their glowing faces. The Spirit at the baptism was SO STRONG. Easily the most stressful, hardest to pull off, and most spiritual baptism I have ever been a part of. I know that it was alllllll worth the pain. I recieved such a feeling of contnentment as we parted ways with our converts for the last time. Which leads me to announce that unexpectedly, I was called to be transfered away from Jurupa Valley. 

Lupe and Juanito are my heart!! I am literally a giant in this culure

KEVVINNNN... Cant speak English yet which is a little disorienting around here but SO FUNNY!

HEMET. Let me give you the run down. 
On average 10 degrees hotter than any other part of the mission. (110-120 degrees)
A stones throw from Tiajuana Mexico
Stuffed to the brim with homeless folks
You either like it or you hate it
A valley in the middle of nowhere

In truth, I am so stoked to serve down there. It will be an adventure and I am excited to have a new awesome Latina comp and baptized more gente down south. 

Okay literally Saturday this week was crazy.. We had 3 dinners! Carne asada with all the works, pie and ice cream, curry chicken with a mountain of rice amd lemon cake, and pazole with a sundae. Uhhhhh I ws soooo fulll.... I wanted to cry I hurt so bad! Tough love I guess..! I decided after our 3 dinners to take my 9 months "pregnancy" picture.. This is my food baby. 100%. No judgment porfavor.. xD

I will miss Hermana Gomez so much, Houston TX is lucky to have her back.

Thanks for all your continual love and support!

Stay Safe&God Speed

Love, Hermana Tobler 

Splish Splash! Nope it's not the bath! 7/25/16

YYYAAAAASSS! Super mega joy all up in hur today! 

We had un BAUTISMO!!

This is Fern. Fernanado actually. He is pretty cool. He is clothing designer, a chef, a tour guide, surfer, and EL SALVADORIAN. He is the bomb. I really am so happy because of his progress. Fern didn't start out as a Golden investigator. Although he came to church every week without fail, he was having a hard time accepting that fact that Jesus Christ is real and we have a Heavenly Father who loves us. He grew up with a very skeptical view on religion and had a strange concept of who "God" is. But like a miracle, after about 2 months of teaching him, he just exploded with growth. He got involved with activities, participated in class, prayed more fervently and focused on gaining a testimony. Truly he began to change and make better decisions. Oh Joy!

The cutie went out and bought himself a suit and everything for his special day. Aww.. Also, after his baptism I asked him how he felt and he said; "like a completely new person." I love this man! 

God loves us and he cares so deeply for each of his children. I know He lives. 

A couple more highlights of the week include contacting 11 referrals in one day, teaching a lesson with the most ferocious guy pit bull I have ever seen sitting at me feet, being chased a whole block by a shnowzer, and having the chance to testify hard core about My Heavenly Father and Savior to an anti-Christ. Take that!
I had a great week and I am just loving this work.

Be Safe&God Speed!
Hermana Tobler

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Jilted at the Font 7/18/16

a thick stack of freshly printed programs

70 gooey chocolate chip cookies baked

talks practiced and prepared

water pouring into an empty font

a little white jumper selected

a an entire ward waiting by their phones

2 Hermana missionaries frazzled, stressed, and confused.

Yes, Hermana Gomez and I were jilted at the font this week. Our much anticipated baptism for Lupe fell through due to her leaving town spontaneously and her not owning a cell phone. When we didn't see Lupe at church yesterday we assumed that she had gone to San Diego to pick up her son from vacation. We passed by her empty home 4 times before we found out that she had returned from San Diego that afternoon, dropped off her son and her car and left to Santa Ana. We went through hoops of fire to get that information and finally 45 minutes before her actual baptism we received word that she would not be there. 

Frustrated, tired, and stressed beyond capacity my comp and I called all the ward members and apologized for the trouble. With sore hearts We froze all the cookies and I spent my dinner hour with my face in the carpet of our apartment. (Hermana Gomez sang hymns for comfort.) Yesterday it was hard to see the Lord's hand in the situation but today I am feeling much more trusting in the Lord and his timing. Perhaps Lupe and her son Juanito were supposed to be baptized together and things will fall into place as the Lord's will is carried out. I have trust that things will work out Lupe and her son will be able to participate in these saving ordinances. 

I know that the gospel is true and I know the Lord is 100% behind everything in His work. I have complete faith in Him and I know He lives. Like one of my dearest friends says: "After the trials come the blessings". I hope this trial continues to teach me things and the work will be blessed 10 fold.
I hope you all have a great week.
Be Safe&God Speed.
Hermana Tobler

Heart explosions on the daily 7/11/16


How is everryjuan? I hope life is just dandy for all and that your summer is nice and cool. I have come to the conclusion that it is easier to feel the spirit when you don't have sweat pouring down your face and flies landing on every bit of your exposed skin. Gotta love those lessons! ;)

This week has been so great! We have received Muchas blessings and I cant handle the fact that we will be baptizing every Sunday for the rest of July. (If all continues to go as planned.) I am so happy because my mission began with so much baptism success and completely died off the next transfer. My comps and I all worked our buns off but we saw little fruit and it was kind of frustrating. Here in my new area I have been blessed in ways that I never imagined and the people are flocking to church every week. I never thought that I would cry over seeing someone walk into a chapel. I am especially excited for the most wonderfully prepared investigator I have ever taught. Lupe has dealt with SO MANY challenges in her life and has been absolutely GOLDEN in her preparation for baptism. Next week she will be entering the water and I have no doubt that my heart will fly out of my chest. Plus her little son, Juan, will be baptized the following week. I can die in happiness. 

So whilst we were walking out on the heat streets this week we found a super cool fellow named Daniel. He was super interested in learning more about God and finding the truth. We got to have really great discussion with him where we briefly explained the message of the Restoration, and gave him a Book of Mormon. After it all he held that book so reverently and looked at it as though it held all the answers to life. (Which it does.) I was about ready to burst with excitement to teach this man but to my great disappointment he told us he was moving to Ontario that day. NOoooo! But selfishness aside, he is SO going to get baptized, serve a mission and become an MTC teacher. (I think the Spirit planted that into my heart.) HORRAY!!

Okay last little funny story.. Yesterday while walking around looking for souls to save, Hermana Gomez and I saluted a middle aged couple in their garage watching TV. After seeing us, they turned to each other and started grumbling: "What are they Mormons? Are they giving out Bibles? Fine I will go talk to them for you.." So the husband took one for the team and lumbered out his garage to talk to us. He clearly told us where to find the nearest Mormon house and tried to run away. But after our invitation to share our message he laughed and said "Unless you two marry me right now, there is no way I will ever be a Mormon!" It was hysterical!! I tried to keep it together but the man had a great come back for us. As much as I want him to be baptized, I will omit from sacrificing my marriage choice. So funny. 

Well thanks again for all the continual support and letters. I LOVE EVERY WORD. 
Have a great week!
Stay Safe&God Speed.
Love, Hermana Tobler

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Hola amigas y familia!

Wow.. Half way there. I am not happy that this week marks halfway point on my mission. It is crazy to me because I still feel like I just got here. I have WAYYYY too much to learn still. It isnt fair.
 Oh well I will just have to make the next 9 the best there ever was!

While y'all were out celebrating our American Heritage, I had the opportunity to speak, serve, eat, and live with a whole melting pot of cultures! Including and not limited to people from;
Mexico (yeah)
Nigeria Africa

California is so cool! This week Hermana Gomez and I tried to contact a guy who was standing on the side of the road staring at his giant smart phone. We started talking to him and quickly discovered that he doesn't know 2 words in English. This darling little man from China started giggling nervously and signaled for us to "wait a sec". We waited while he typed on his giant phone and spoke some rapid Chinese into it. He held out the phone for us to see what he had done. Apparently there is an app that allows someone to hold down a button, speak something into their language and the app will translate it directly into (understandable) English. We passed the phone back and forth conversing electronically in person.  It was really fast and really interesting to have a full on conversation with someone this way. Although it was a weird way to form a relationship and quite awkward, it was super neato. And no, He wasn't interested. :( 

Anyway! That is all for this week. All is well, I love the work, my companion, and my mission. I am so excited for all the baptisms coming up this month. Hold on to your seats folks!
Stay Safe& God Speed.

con (mucho) amor, Hermana Tobler​