Thursday, November 3, 2016

Good Morning and Good Night 10/10/16

Welp. Nose to the grindstone literally ALL WEEK THIS WEEK!!! However, by the time P-day comes I am too busy to rest so lately I have been crashing during lunchtime. It is absolutely beautiful to conk out for a solid 45 minutes. Wow how boring is that for me to be talking about sleep? I'll get into the good stuff.

Glorrriiiiaaaaa *cue lamenting sigh..* The poor darling has literally been going through SO MUCH. Her cancer is spreading from her brain to her lungs and it has been nearly impossible to meet with her. I dont want to let her go because she needs the gospel in her life now more than ever before. Truly one of the hardest parts of missionary work is that fact that the people that have the most apparent potential and the ones you love the most are sometimes not quite ready. Giving those people back to the Lord is torture but I trust that they will be found again and they will be baptized. One can only hope. 

Yesterday we experienced a miracle. Sister Jensen and I were a little frustrated because in all our efforts to find this week, we had not picked a single investigator. BAH! Sunday evening we were driving around and praying fervently before we went somewhere new. After awhile of no successful finding, we were able to find a member to come with us for an appointment we had at 7. The man wasn't there so we felt prompted to go try a couple that we had already tried earlier that day. Since nobody was home when we tried we decided to call them. They answered the phone and said that we could come by and share a short message with them. WHOO HOO! We went and had a short and powerful lesson with this man and his wife. The man (a cute little Mexican cowboy) has some serious addictions to alcohol and smoking and truly wants to change. He sees the importance of quitting to save his own life, have a happier marriage and gain the trust of his children. They both told us how badly they want to fix their situation and change. The easiest part for us was to wholeheartedly testify that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is a real thing and through the enabling power we can lean on the strength of the Lord. Now we just have to get them going and help them through the beautiful and miraculous process of REPENTANCE. Side note, I LOVE talking about repentance. It makes me so happy! Literally this concept is so misunderstood by many. I am happy to know that it is a time a turning to Christ, miraculous change, and opening hearts. I LOVE IT. 

Well some of these photos are some that I have been trying to send for weeks. ENJOY! 

Hope you all have a fantastic week!
Be Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler​

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