Saturday, December 17, 2016

#lighttheworld 11/29/16

Behold I say unto you that faith is real. It works. Miracles are derived of our faith. 

If I learned anything this week, it is that faith is a choice. We can have as much faith as we want to have. If we truly believe that the Lord loves us and that He keeps his promises, we have no reason to be faithless. Have faith because truly anything is possible. I believe that. 

Thanksgiving! What a day! We didn't really know how to not proselyte so we slept, ate, and chilled with our zone. I love holidays on the mission. The weather here was BEAUTIFUL on Thanksgiving and after that, it has been so cold! (Like 50 degrees) I am so acclimatized it is sad. 

It rained SO HARD on Saturday so I risked my health to take a cool rain picture, I was drenched within seconds. and yes, my legs are still whiter than ever even after a southern California summer. Grr. 

I had a couple exchanges this week and it was such a blast! I always love exchanges because it gives you a chance to learn from other missionaries and become strengthened by them. I love my little seessters :) 

Sorry not too much to report this week! Transfers are next week so my fate will be decided soon. 

I hope everyone has a great week!

Be Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

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