Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Missionary Marriage Counselors! 8/22/16

YIKES!! NO I am just joking! Well for the most part. 

This week I had the opportunity to have 42 years of marrige distress dumped on me. Yes! I was out "Seeking with Faith" with a member this week, (which means talking to every single person you see outside for a few hours) and we approached a man sitting outside of a park. He was pensively staring at the sky when we started to chat. We began a good friendly discussion but it was quickly cut sort by the arrival of his wife. Within seconds, this couple began pouring out all the hurt and agony that had developed after 40 years of being married the man cheated on his wife for 2 years!  We literally stood in between them as they yelled at each other. It was crazy. We testified hard core about Jesus Christ being the way to settle all and peaced out quick. 

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