Monday, August 8, 2016

Hmmmm Hemetttt 8/8/16

AH Yas. 

Hemet is just the best. Okay, everything here just makes me laugh. It is just so funny because Hemet just has it's own special culture. If you are ever bored just look out the window, if you ever want to smell something weird then go outside, if you want to hear something "crunch" then step on a cockroach. It is just so  amazing! 
The ward here is just darling, the sunsets are killer and I have a pretty sweet comp. 

I miss Jurupa Valley so much already but I know that we are moved around for a reason. I feel so blessed to get to serve all these cuties here in Riverside County. More specifically, HEMET!!

Ew, quick story. Among a myriad of other rude things... A salty old man bragged to us that he had successfully pulled his ex-wife away from the church.  I was so chapped. I just testified about the Book of Mormon and marched away before I said anything un-Christlike. Thank goodness The Spirit serves as a calming agent too!

I hope everyone is doing well and getting back into the School mode and work grind.

I also hope that you all remember that I have a testimony and this is the BEST work ever. 

Stay Safe&God Speed,
Love, Hermana Tobler 

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