Monday, November 7, 2016

My mouth is really hot! ouch! spicy! chile! 10/31/16

Good Mornin' friends and family!

Miracles happen in amazing ways! My miracle of the week came when I received a text on Friday informing me that another one of the people I taught in Jurupa was going to get baptized! Here is Vanessa's crazy story... So upon receiving a referral for "Yolonda", Hermana Gomez, Babb, and I passed by her home a few times to contact her. On one of the occasions, her daughter answered the door and let us come in and share the message. She was open and accepting but we felt a little strange because she has a much younger mind than her 21 year old body. After returning a few times with Hermana Gomez and finding that her mom, Yolonda wasn't interested, we decided we should either pause Vanessa or pass her off to the YSA Elders. So... We invited the AWESOME YSA Elders over for a pass off lesson and it went SO WELL. They worked with her in a way that we couldn't and it was a real testimony to me that she was meant to be taught by the Elders in the YSA ward. Spanish missionaries are just not meant to teach people who prefer English, it is not our stewardship. As a result to passing her off, she blossomed and progressed very quickly. Although her mental disability provided a few hurdles, her mom was very supportive. Vanessa was baptized yesterday and it was beautiful. After the baptism, the YSA Relief Society President told Vanessa that she would be given the calling to be a Visiting Teacher. Poor dear got suuuuper nervous... after the service she asked me quietly if I thought she could really be a teacher. My heart almost popped in my chest because I have a testimony that God qualifies whom He calls. The missionaries are a perfect example. I took the opportunity to bear my testimony of the gift of the Holy Ghost and and how will help her magnify her calling. It brought me a lot of joy. I know she will be great. 

Also, this week, we had the pleasure of eating dinner with a really sweet Hermana and her family. He husband treated us to some salsa that he hand ground especially for us. IT WAS SO SPICY! I thought my amazing Mexican companion had trained me to eat spicy... NOT SO! It was kind of hilarious as the meal progressed, all of us were sweating, crying and our noses were running faster than a river. But of course they kept scooping the salsa all over everything because that's just how they roll. I LOVE LATINOS!

Oh! This is our new companionship! Hermana Schooff is from Nebraska and she is probably the MOST prepared missionary I have ever met. Every day I feel even worse for my trainer and all she put up with. Bless her. 

Well I hope yall have a great week and get lots of Candy!
Be safe &Godspeed!

Love, Hermana Tobler

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