Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Its the little things 9/19/16


So! Life is good! The trio life rules and I am so happy/blessed/excited about all the people we are working with. They are are all so great. We had another lesson with Gloria this week and it was tough. She just had another round of chemo so she did NOT look well. She couldnt even talk so we prayed for her simply and returned two days later. We taught our lesson kneeling around her bed! Weird. yes. But she was still very weak. Her children joined us and we taught the Restoration again and all of them LOVED it. They all the have their Book of Mormons so it is all going to be grand. We just gotta get those stinkers to church! My heavens I have never wanted to kick cancer and nasty divorces in the pants this badly! Yeet... opposition man. 

Our dinner canceled on us after a lonnnggg... slightly tiring, and not super successful walk in the Hemet heat. No that isnt the tender mercy. Lol. But we stopped by at a restaurant for a quick dinner before going back out to "seek with faith" (which is what our mission calls contacting). As I was paying for our meal, the young lady ringing me up asked me what my name tag meant. I explained that we are missionaries and that our purpose is to invite people to come unto Jesus Christ. She smiled really big when I said that. 
"Wow that is really cool!" She said.
A little shocked I responded: "Is that something that we could share with you sometime when youre not working?"
"Actually... Yes!! I will bring my friend as well!"
OHhh my word she was so darling!! She is so prepared!!! Elect! I cant wait to see how things go. Unfortunately she prefers English over Spanish and doesn't live in our area. :p But still!
I walked out of there feeling like I was on could 9! I know that after the trial of our faith, come the blessings. They may not be what we expected but she was really and truly what I needed this day. God is just so Good.

Other news... Hmm... We had a Cultural Celebration for a Ward Party this week and my my these members sure know how to party! Food is a must. Loud music and dancing follow closely behind. It was very enjoyable and I absolutely love serving all the Latin cultures. What a blessing.

Por fin, I know the Gospel is true. One thing that I learned this week is that we are truly and literally God's children. It is crazy because I have "known" this all my life but now that knowlege has turned into understanding. Currently it is growing into TESTIMONY. Gosh I love the Gospel. It is so perfect. Anyway. I love you all! I hope each of you have a spectatcular week! 
Be Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

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