Saturday, December 17, 2016

holy mosiah!? 12/12/16


What a wonderful experience it has been to be back in my first area! It has taken a few days of brushing off cobwebs in my brain to remember where I am going but I have adjusted very easily. It's crazy because I spent all of last year's holidays in the same ward, area, and apartment. I was in training then and I am training now. LoCo!

ANYWAY. This week was pretty decent. We have been trying to resurrect my area that seems to have died a little bit but we are well on our way to having lots of success. We had a pretty spectacular experience this week with some of our new investigators that were picked up right before the transfer. Hermana Coffeen picked them up all by herself awhile back on a Blitz and she was super excited and nervous to meet with them.

Before we went into the lesson, I felt fine but of course not sure what to expect because I had not met Javier and Monica yet. We found out that they were awaiting our arrival and were 100% prepared and ready to meet with us. (SHOCKER). Right away I realized that this was going to be a special lesson. If these people are truly prepared at this time, we needed to make sure that we were extremely obedient to the Spirit so we could know what to do. The first thing that Javier told us was that since he had met with Hermana Coffeen the first time, he had read in the BOM up to Mosiah. MOSIAH people! I was stunned! While my companion said the opening prayer, I prayed with all my heart for the presence of the Spirit and to be guided as we taught these sweet people. 

We started off reading in Mosiah 6 but it wasn't really going the direction we were hoping for. (Which of course was baptism) So as the Spirit directed, we transitioned to 2nd Nephi 31. Powerful chapter. Yes. We read about Christ's baptism and after a wonderful discussion about it and how we can best follow Jesus Christ's example, Hermana Coffeen invited them to just that and be baptized. After a little nudging, they agreed. Hermana Coffeen, bless her heart, was just about over the moon at this point as she excitedly invited them for a a baptismal date this upcoming January. They agreed! The Spirit was so strong and Hermana Coffeen's big blue eyes filled with tears of joy. We finished the lesson by sharing the #lighttheworld video and it was perfect. 

It was humbling to be able to see again through the sight of a new missionary. As her first investigators on date, it felt like a miracle to Hermana Coffeen and because it was a miracle to her, it reminded me that it truly is an intervention of the Spirit when they willingly accept that baptismal date. I also know that my earnest prayer was heard and that our lesson was indeed guided by the Spirit. We were able to answer questions, use the scriptures, and testify with power and authority. We are so excited to keep working with these sweet people as they come to know that gospel better. 

I came to know the Savior better this week through my study of Prayer. Our mission president has had us print off a talk each week to study and analyze as we come to know the Savior better. They are so powerful and really do strengthen my understanding of who my Savior is and what kind of a person he was. This week I learned from reading "The Lord Jesus Christ Teaches Us to Pray" (from the past conference) that Jesus Christ really DEPENDED on His Father. He was constantly making that connection with heaven to ensure that the things that he was doing were within His will. I love how Jesus ALWAYS aligned His will with The Father's. It showed me that if I do the same thing, I will be able to be guided to know what to do, where to go, what to say and how to teach. It brought me to my knees in humble prayer as I redoubled my efforts to make my prayers more meaningful.

WELLL I think that is it for this week folks! I hope you all have a safe and joyful week!
Be Safe&God Speed.
Love, Hermana Tobler

1. My new companion/baby Hermana Coffeen from Hollister CA

3. Yours truly

IM GOIN HOME! 12/5/16

Yee Haww I am heading back to my cradle!! 

I started my mission with the world's best trainer in the "beautiful" Moreno Valley. This transfer notice states that I will return to my old area and finish the training of a new Hermana. I am SO EXCITED! I love the ward to death and you better believe that I am going back to get some real work D-O-N-E there. Whoo-hoo!!

So as y'all know, our mission is focusing heavily on coming to KNOW the Savior. I have enjoyed doing this so far mainly because it truly has strengthened my relationship with Him. Here is a little insight on my personal growth and study concerning Him.

 My love has grown bastante as I have come to know the Savior better. I have been studying the Sacrament and the Atonement more closely this week and I have come to understand even more about this sacred ordinance and his supernal sacrifice. One phrase that has popped up several times throughout my studies is "full of Grace". In Christ there is a fullness of everything. Love, hope, obedience, diligence, kindness, humility, patience, virtue, long suffering, charity, tenderness, and of course grace. In my study of the Stripling Warriors this week I have noticed that they were true participants in the fullness of Christ's grace. They were diligently righteous and therefore were worthy to receive the precious gift of grace. My love for the Savior has increased as I discovered new examples and evidence of the blessings of Christ's grace in the scriptures. I love how it wraps around the pleading, penitent, and righteous and gives them the strength, hope and stamina to continue on. I have felt buoyed by His grace on my mission and I hope to continue having that strength.

The trio had another dumpster photo shoot for you all to enjoy. I am sad to be leaving the hood and two of the best companions ever but change is splendid. 

Gotta love the good ole Michuacana Mexican Ice cream!

I love Hemet!!! #hemetisheaven

I love this woman. I mean Sister. I mean Hermana. #almamate

#lighttheworld 11/29/16

Behold I say unto you that faith is real. It works. Miracles are derived of our faith. 

If I learned anything this week, it is that faith is a choice. We can have as much faith as we want to have. If we truly believe that the Lord loves us and that He keeps his promises, we have no reason to be faithless. Have faith because truly anything is possible. I believe that. 

Thanksgiving! What a day! We didn't really know how to not proselyte so we slept, ate, and chilled with our zone. I love holidays on the mission. The weather here was BEAUTIFUL on Thanksgiving and after that, it has been so cold! (Like 50 degrees) I am so acclimatized it is sad. 

It rained SO HARD on Saturday so I risked my health to take a cool rain picture, I was drenched within seconds. and yes, my legs are still whiter than ever even after a southern California summer. Grr. 

I had a couple exchanges this week and it was such a blast! I always love exchanges because it gives you a chance to learn from other missionaries and become strengthened by them. I love my little seessters :) 

Sorry not too much to report this week! Transfers are next week so my fate will be decided soon. 

I hope everyone has a great week!

Be Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

Baptism or bust 11/21/16

Back when I was a young missionary in the missionary training center of Mexico City, Mexico. My district always joked around with our teachers about our role play baptism date. We always practiced putting everyone on date for the 20th of November to be baptized. It was random and funny. But yesterday, on the 20th of November, a whole year later, we were able to have a baptism. Not just one baptism.. but 2! It was so great! Crystal and Luis were able to finally be baptized and it was definitely a joyous occasion. 

Although this day was a great one, it didn't come without a little craziness! 
Here was our restful Sabbath day:
wake up, study and leave for ward council
do ward council
practice for a musical number I played for the ward
have church
make the baptism program
drive across town to eat some tacos
drive back across town to the church to fill up the font
find out that some elders decided to have a baptism when we reserved the font
herd all the Spanish members in the lobby while we wait for the English baptism to end
have the baptism
lock up the font and say goodbye to all the members
go proselyte for the last 2 hours of the day
have a lesson with a super old man with a cat who kept walking out of the lesson to get grapefruit for us. 
drive home
go to bed

In all honesty, this day wouldn't have been so bad if my body hadn't decided to get the flu and my nose wasn't running like a faucet BUT we were extremely blessed  for our efforts. 

I also went on a super fun exchange to a far tiny corner of the mission. Out in the little mountain community of Idllywild California. For the first time in almost a year, I was cold! I saw big trees! I saw a tiny taste of Utah. :) I also found a lady from my hometown in Syracuse Utah and that was super coincidental. 

Have a great week!
Stay Safe& God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

Asi es... 11/14/16


So good news all around basicamente. Things are looking pretty bright for the Hermanas of Hemet California. We will be having 2 BAPTISMS next week! A brother and seeesterrrr!! I am so jazzed. Luis and Crystal are super sweet. This week we basically taught them everything because we finally got the approval from their mother to baptize them. Literally the spirit is real and works miracles on the hearts of men. and women. of course. 
Also I have hardly seen my companeras this week because exchanges but I had a great time. One of the new missionaries I was with got to pick up and investigator and put her on date with me! It was a highlight for her and it definitely sparked her fire. The sweet sister from Logan was a little shell shocked to see what Hemet was all about. Man I didn't realize how cultured I have been here in Cali. 

Oh I also went on another exchange with a biking area sister. We got to pedal around the hood and teach the gospel! I have so much respect for those real missionaries who bike. KUDOS! WHoo Hooo!

Well the recent elections have definitely sparked a lot of debate on the streets of Hemet. People ask us all the time about our opinions and views. Of course we just nicely state our little sh-peel about how we are focused on the mission and later we will talk politics. Then the Americans get super mad and yell at us because they think we don't want vote. One passionate lady even threatened to spray us with her hose if we didn't scat quick. Goodness sakes lady. Hemet is just stuffed to the brim with a bunch of senior folks with giant opinions. It is great.

Our mission has done a pretty serious turn in our focus. Our President has been working with us to start focusing more on how we can come to KNOW the Savior. It is an awesome project and I have already seen some pretty big blessings.  I have been keeping a detailed journal of my insights on Christ throughout my personal studies and it has helped me recognize his qualities better. I came to know more of my Redeemer's mercy this week specifically as I read in the Book of Mormon. It amazes me continually how forgiving and patient the Savior is. No matter how many times we err, he is always willing and happy to forgive us. (Of course we need to be repentant) But I was just thinking how frustrated and weary I would be if someone kept committing the same sins against me all day every day. Yet the Savior patiently listens to our problems and helps us get back on the right track. I need to be more merciful in my dealings with my fellow men. I know that the sooner I forgive, I will be more easily forgiven. 

Well I hope everyone is enjoying life and counting their many blessings this lovely month. I know that when we take the time to remember how blessed we are, we are SO MUCH HAPPIER. Life is good because the restored gospel is here on the earth. Thank Heavens! The church is true and missions are the best ever.

Have a great week! 
Be Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler