Monday, August 8, 2016

1...2....3....BAUTISMO!!! 8/1/16


So none of you will believe this but the Lord has just POURED out his blessings upon us. Yesterday Fernanado was confirmed at church and we baptized 3 souls into restored gospel. Yes! 3! I am overjoyed that Lupe and Juan were finally able to be baptized and Kevin (14 years old), another investigator that I havent written about but still is SO GOOD. 
I know Lupe and Juan were meant to be baptized together and now they are SO HAPPY and ready to direct their lives towards Christ. You all should have see their glowing faces. The Spirit at the baptism was SO STRONG. Easily the most stressful, hardest to pull off, and most spiritual baptism I have ever been a part of. I know that it was alllllll worth the pain. I recieved such a feeling of contnentment as we parted ways with our converts for the last time. Which leads me to announce that unexpectedly, I was called to be transfered away from Jurupa Valley. 

Lupe and Juanito are my heart!! I am literally a giant in this culure

KEVVINNNN... Cant speak English yet which is a little disorienting around here but SO FUNNY!

HEMET. Let me give you the run down. 
On average 10 degrees hotter than any other part of the mission. (110-120 degrees)
A stones throw from Tiajuana Mexico
Stuffed to the brim with homeless folks
You either like it or you hate it
A valley in the middle of nowhere

In truth, I am so stoked to serve down there. It will be an adventure and I am excited to have a new awesome Latina comp and baptized more gente down south. 

Okay literally Saturday this week was crazy.. We had 3 dinners! Carne asada with all the works, pie and ice cream, curry chicken with a mountain of rice amd lemon cake, and pazole with a sundae. Uhhhhh I ws soooo fulll.... I wanted to cry I hurt so bad! Tough love I guess..! I decided after our 3 dinners to take my 9 months "pregnancy" picture.. This is my food baby. 100%. No judgment porfavor.. xD

I will miss Hermana Gomez so much, Houston TX is lucky to have her back.

Thanks for all your continual love and support!

Stay Safe&God Speed

Love, Hermana Tobler 

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