Saturday, December 17, 2016

Baptism or bust 11/21/16

Back when I was a young missionary in the missionary training center of Mexico City, Mexico. My district always joked around with our teachers about our role play baptism date. We always practiced putting everyone on date for the 20th of November to be baptized. It was random and funny. But yesterday, on the 20th of November, a whole year later, we were able to have a baptism. Not just one baptism.. but 2! It was so great! Crystal and Luis were able to finally be baptized and it was definitely a joyous occasion. 

Although this day was a great one, it didn't come without a little craziness! 
Here was our restful Sabbath day:
wake up, study and leave for ward council
do ward council
practice for a musical number I played for the ward
have church
make the baptism program
drive across town to eat some tacos
drive back across town to the church to fill up the font
find out that some elders decided to have a baptism when we reserved the font
herd all the Spanish members in the lobby while we wait for the English baptism to end
have the baptism
lock up the font and say goodbye to all the members
go proselyte for the last 2 hours of the day
have a lesson with a super old man with a cat who kept walking out of the lesson to get grapefruit for us. 
drive home
go to bed

In all honesty, this day wouldn't have been so bad if my body hadn't decided to get the flu and my nose wasn't running like a faucet BUT we were extremely blessed  for our efforts. 

I also went on a super fun exchange to a far tiny corner of the mission. Out in the little mountain community of Idllywild California. For the first time in almost a year, I was cold! I saw big trees! I saw a tiny taste of Utah. :) I also found a lady from my hometown in Syracuse Utah and that was super coincidental. 

Have a great week!
Stay Safe& God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

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