Thursday, November 3, 2016

For the love of Pete! 10/03/16

So... Basically I have about 5,712 things to write about but I am just going to have to downsize a little bit.. First off!

Last Monday our zone went on a lovely hike up in Idylwild and literally, I have not seen pine trees or breathed fresh air in a good long while so it was divine! We saw some nice vistas and more beautiful pine trees. Ah so fresh.
Here are some pictures of the hike.

OSCAR- One of our investigators is progressing very rapidly, especially in the scriptures. We started teaching Oscar because he is currently renting a room from a member in our ward. He has a lot of questions but was pretty straight with us when he said that he didn't want to convert so we shouldn't waste our time with him. Because no time spent helping others come unto Christ is wasted, we brushed off his repeated attempts to get rid of us. We could feel something special with him. This past week we had a follow up lesson with him to see how his reading was going in the Book of Mormon. Last time he didn't read so we determined to get him on board. We sat down and he began by saying that he had read a little. WHOO HOO!! After our cheers he proceeded to tell us in detail a description of all that he had read in the first 7 chapters of the Book of Mormon. He talked about all of Nephi's trials and lessons he learned form the Lord and he also overcame the typical concern of Nephi's encounter with Laban. Typically investigators find it difficult to accept that God would command someone to kill another. However, Oscar saw the logic and the necessity for this action and followed through the instructions of the Holy Ghost. Let me say... We were BLOWN AWAY!! I was over the moon for a solid 3 hours after that! The little pill didn't come to conference but we will get him.

So I had the opportunity to go be a REAL missionary for a day... ON BIKE!! WHoo!! I finally got to fulfill my life long dream of peddling around and spreading the gospel. Although my backside was annoyed, I ripped my skirt and I almost ate it several times, I had such a great time. Exchanges provide and excellent opportunity to help other missionaries and also gain empathy and understanding for what they go through. I feel blessed to have been able to "peddle a mile in their shoes".

Little highlight moment happened this week when Sister Jensen and I found this cute little Mexican couple sitting on their porch this week while seeking with faith. The husband was lounging in his cowboy boots and mustache, smoking a cigarette and drinking a Bud Light. His little wife dressed in scrubs was writing on a notepad furiously. On initial contact we thought she was his nurse trying to get him to listen to her. LOL. However, after we explained our message, the man asked us if our message would help him quit smoking and drinking. We told him yes!! All things are possible through Jesus Christ and His Atonement. The Man then held up his cigarette and sincerely asked us to help teach him how to beat his addictions. WHOO! I have never taught the Word of Wisdom first lesson before but this week we will see how it goes! They were definitely a HUGE BLESSING to find.

Conference was absolutely FANTASTIC. Truly Conference is vacation for missionaries. I was so rejuvenated with spiritual instruction and I loved how much everyone stressed the importance of missionary work and learning the doctrine. I have a testimony that we will only be able to survive as families in this world if we have a strong and concrete understanding of the doctrine of Jesus Christ. 

Multi-zone Conference was also this week. (Talk about spiritual high). The Spirit taught me a lot about the enabling power of the Atonement and the gift of Grace. For the first time, this concept clicked for me. I know that in the "Strength of the Lord, we can do all things" and that is because of Christ's Atonement. Through His strength we are able and capable to do things were never thought we could do. I can testify that I have seen that manifest in my own life as I have been a missionary. My mouth has been filled, my body has been given strength, and I have felt clarity and understanding flow over me as I have been on the Lord's errand. I know that as we put our faith in Christ and this enabling power, we will be able to accomplish the impossible. I know that to be true.

Last thing!! This week I got to try a Bolivian staple : cunepas- a cheese and yuca flour bread roll thing. It was yum. 

Also, our trio died this week and that was very unfortunate. #andthenthereweretwo #arehastagsstillathing?

Well that is all this week folks! Thanks for everything!!

Have a fabulous week! 

Stay Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tober

Okay my pictures did NOT load and I am sad because they are great. I will figure it out next week for sure!!

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