Saturday, December 17, 2016

Asi es... 11/14/16


So good news all around basicamente. Things are looking pretty bright for the Hermanas of Hemet California. We will be having 2 BAPTISMS next week! A brother and seeesterrrr!! I am so jazzed. Luis and Crystal are super sweet. This week we basically taught them everything because we finally got the approval from their mother to baptize them. Literally the spirit is real and works miracles on the hearts of men. and women. of course. 
Also I have hardly seen my companeras this week because exchanges but I had a great time. One of the new missionaries I was with got to pick up and investigator and put her on date with me! It was a highlight for her and it definitely sparked her fire. The sweet sister from Logan was a little shell shocked to see what Hemet was all about. Man I didn't realize how cultured I have been here in Cali. 

Oh I also went on another exchange with a biking area sister. We got to pedal around the hood and teach the gospel! I have so much respect for those real missionaries who bike. KUDOS! WHoo Hooo!

Well the recent elections have definitely sparked a lot of debate on the streets of Hemet. People ask us all the time about our opinions and views. Of course we just nicely state our little sh-peel about how we are focused on the mission and later we will talk politics. Then the Americans get super mad and yell at us because they think we don't want vote. One passionate lady even threatened to spray us with her hose if we didn't scat quick. Goodness sakes lady. Hemet is just stuffed to the brim with a bunch of senior folks with giant opinions. It is great.

Our mission has done a pretty serious turn in our focus. Our President has been working with us to start focusing more on how we can come to KNOW the Savior. It is an awesome project and I have already seen some pretty big blessings.  I have been keeping a detailed journal of my insights on Christ throughout my personal studies and it has helped me recognize his qualities better. I came to know more of my Redeemer's mercy this week specifically as I read in the Book of Mormon. It amazes me continually how forgiving and patient the Savior is. No matter how many times we err, he is always willing and happy to forgive us. (Of course we need to be repentant) But I was just thinking how frustrated and weary I would be if someone kept committing the same sins against me all day every day. Yet the Savior patiently listens to our problems and helps us get back on the right track. I need to be more merciful in my dealings with my fellow men. I know that the sooner I forgive, I will be more easily forgiven. 

Well I hope everyone is enjoying life and counting their many blessings this lovely month. I know that when we take the time to remember how blessed we are, we are SO MUCH HAPPIER. Life is good because the restored gospel is here on the earth. Thank Heavens! The church is true and missions are the best ever.

Have a great week! 
Be Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

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