Monday, August 8, 2016

Splish Splash! Nope it's not the bath! 7/25/16

YYYAAAAASSS! Super mega joy all up in hur today! 

We had un BAUTISMO!!

This is Fern. Fernanado actually. He is pretty cool. He is clothing designer, a chef, a tour guide, surfer, and EL SALVADORIAN. He is the bomb. I really am so happy because of his progress. Fern didn't start out as a Golden investigator. Although he came to church every week without fail, he was having a hard time accepting that fact that Jesus Christ is real and we have a Heavenly Father who loves us. He grew up with a very skeptical view on religion and had a strange concept of who "God" is. But like a miracle, after about 2 months of teaching him, he just exploded with growth. He got involved with activities, participated in class, prayed more fervently and focused on gaining a testimony. Truly he began to change and make better decisions. Oh Joy!

The cutie went out and bought himself a suit and everything for his special day. Aww.. Also, after his baptism I asked him how he felt and he said; "like a completely new person." I love this man! 

God loves us and he cares so deeply for each of his children. I know He lives. 

A couple more highlights of the week include contacting 11 referrals in one day, teaching a lesson with the most ferocious guy pit bull I have ever seen sitting at me feet, being chased a whole block by a shnowzer, and having the chance to testify hard core about My Heavenly Father and Savior to an anti-Christ. Take that!
I had a great week and I am just loving this work.

Be Safe&God Speed!
Hermana Tobler

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