Thursday, September 8, 2016

Heart Throbs 9/5/16

Dearest family and friends,
This week was just so CrAzY! First of all, we had the Temple on Wednesday and that was just dreamy. It is so crazy how being a missionary and going to the temple give you the most spiritual experience ever. I enjoy the peace, comfort and recognition that I feel within those walls. I know that Temple covenants are the pinnacle of our life here on earth and I feel humbled and grateful to be a recipient of them. AHhhh *gushing over temple*
Also!! I had Soledad's Baptism this week in Jurupa!!! It was a small and quiet baptism and FULL of the Spirit. One thing I LOVE about Sole is that she is committed to God. Sole cant read or write but she faithfully listened to the Book of Mormon everyday while she cleaned her cactus. I know that her testimony took some time to sprout but after the seed was planted, she grew conditionally. It makes me sad because our relationships with these beloved people is so fleeting, but I know that this is how Heavenly Father intends it to be. I feel blessed to have been a part of her conversion experience.
Little tid-bit here... A big ole' BEE landed on my face yesterday. THANK HEAVENS it didn't sting but I sure flipped out for about 5 seconds. ewwwww...
Right now we are teaching the SWEETEST lady named Gloria. Amidst a myriad of other things, she is going through chemo for brain cancer. Every time  we meet, I am amazed at the strength this lady has. Her faith is strong, the seed is being planted, and I hope with my whole heart that she will accept the gospel at this time. I cant think of anything that would calm her troubled heart, soothe her fears and make the physical pain she is going through feel like a small moment. I know Our Savior tenderly cares for each one of us, and when I see some of our brothers and sister struggling like Gloria, I can feel the empathy that Jesus Christ has for her. As a missionary I sometimes feel just like a special witness to miracles in behalf of others, but yet one of the greatest miracles that I have seen is the exquisite love that is poured down from Heaven.
It's just beautiful.
that is all for this week everyone! Thank you all the support, love, and emails. You're so special to me.
Stay Safe&God Speed.

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