Monday, November 7, 2016

Specific prayers... ARE A THING!! 10/24/16

WHELP~ Yellow from the Golden Coast! 

Actually I am not on the golden coast part of the Golden Coast but California still sends you it's greetings. We were baking this week before the sky decided to dump on us. Basically, the sky is raining buckets and I think that rain will never cease to feel like a miracle. BRING ON THE COLD WEATHER. I am so ready to make more use out of my rain boots. 

Okay so specific prayers are something we learned about in the MTC. Basically they are prayers with specific details that you have faith that the Lord will carry out.. IF it is His will. While I have tried saying prayers in the past, I had yet to have one that is in line with The Lord's will. But now I can say that I have!! 

So Sunday night we had some members come out with us and we went by to visit a super promising potential family named Norberto that we had but they weren't home. We ended up going and having a different lesson with a basher who was convinced we didnt know the name of our own prophet, John Smith. "Excuse me senor, I have no idea what I am talking about.." So after that terribly exausting lesson, we let the members go and we went back out on our own. 

After spitting off, we were still a little unsure about our plans and how to use our last hour of the evening effectively. Hermana Jensen suggested that we pray for direction and guidance. So we did! While I was saying the prayer, the name of the promising potential we had tried earlier popped into my mind. After closing the prayer I was unsure of whether that was just my brain being silly or if it was a spiritual prompting. I shared these concerns with Hermana Jensen and from there we decided to say a confirming specific prayer to help us know what to do. As Hermana Jensen said the prayer I felt a warmth and peace come upon me and I felt very certain that we should go by and see Norberto (the potential). So we went! Turns out that they had barely come back from the store when we stopped by again and they quickly stopped everything they were doing to gather the family and listen to us. We picked up both the parents and two of their sons as investigators and taught a tiny bit of the Restoration due to shortness of time. I was SO PLEASED. I have never had such a specific prayer answered like this and my testimony was solidified in knowing that the Spirit REALLY DOES put words into our minds. AH my mind was blown! I am so grateful that I was able to receive that spiritual guidance. I needed it and they needed it. 


Also this week we got a the transfer verdict. HERMANA JENSEN AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHA! But she will also be training! So we will be another TRIO! Crazzyyyyy... So now I have a new STL companion from an English area but it's all good. I trust that our leaders are following the Lord's plans for our mission. 
 Here are some pics!

I love you all! Have a great week!
Be Safe&God Speed.
Love, Hermana Tobler

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