Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Jilted at the Font 7/18/16

a thick stack of freshly printed programs

70 gooey chocolate chip cookies baked

talks practiced and prepared

water pouring into an empty font

a little white jumper selected

a an entire ward waiting by their phones

2 Hermana missionaries frazzled, stressed, and confused.

Yes, Hermana Gomez and I were jilted at the font this week. Our much anticipated baptism for Lupe fell through due to her leaving town spontaneously and her not owning a cell phone. When we didn't see Lupe at church yesterday we assumed that she had gone to San Diego to pick up her son from vacation. We passed by her empty home 4 times before we found out that she had returned from San Diego that afternoon, dropped off her son and her car and left to Santa Ana. We went through hoops of fire to get that information and finally 45 minutes before her actual baptism we received word that she would not be there. 

Frustrated, tired, and stressed beyond capacity my comp and I called all the ward members and apologized for the trouble. With sore hearts We froze all the cookies and I spent my dinner hour with my face in the carpet of our apartment. (Hermana Gomez sang hymns for comfort.) Yesterday it was hard to see the Lord's hand in the situation but today I am feeling much more trusting in the Lord and his timing. Perhaps Lupe and her son Juanito were supposed to be baptized together and things will fall into place as the Lord's will is carried out. I have trust that things will work out Lupe and her son will be able to participate in these saving ordinances. 

I know that the gospel is true and I know the Lord is 100% behind everything in His work. I have complete faith in Him and I know He lives. Like one of my dearest friends says: "After the trials come the blessings". I hope this trial continues to teach me things and the work will be blessed 10 fold.
I hope you all have a great week.
Be Safe&God Speed.
Hermana Tobler

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