Saturday, December 17, 2016

IM GOIN HOME! 12/5/16

Yee Haww I am heading back to my cradle!! 

I started my mission with the world's best trainer in the "beautiful" Moreno Valley. This transfer notice states that I will return to my old area and finish the training of a new Hermana. I am SO EXCITED! I love the ward to death and you better believe that I am going back to get some real work D-O-N-E there. Whoo-hoo!!

So as y'all know, our mission is focusing heavily on coming to KNOW the Savior. I have enjoyed doing this so far mainly because it truly has strengthened my relationship with Him. Here is a little insight on my personal growth and study concerning Him.

 My love has grown bastante as I have come to know the Savior better. I have been studying the Sacrament and the Atonement more closely this week and I have come to understand even more about this sacred ordinance and his supernal sacrifice. One phrase that has popped up several times throughout my studies is "full of Grace". In Christ there is a fullness of everything. Love, hope, obedience, diligence, kindness, humility, patience, virtue, long suffering, charity, tenderness, and of course grace. In my study of the Stripling Warriors this week I have noticed that they were true participants in the fullness of Christ's grace. They were diligently righteous and therefore were worthy to receive the precious gift of grace. My love for the Savior has increased as I discovered new examples and evidence of the blessings of Christ's grace in the scriptures. I love how it wraps around the pleading, penitent, and righteous and gives them the strength, hope and stamina to continue on. I have felt buoyed by His grace on my mission and I hope to continue having that strength.

The trio had another dumpster photo shoot for you all to enjoy. I am sad to be leaving the hood and two of the best companions ever but change is splendid. 

Gotta love the good ole Michuacana Mexican Ice cream!

I love Hemet!!! #hemetisheaven

I love this woman. I mean Sister. I mean Hermana. #almamate

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