Tuesday, September 27, 2016

OINK! Splash~PINECONESSSS! 9/26/16

"PINE CONEESS Oh my Goodness they're my favorite!!"

.... Name that movie! ;)

SO This week I went on my FIRST EXCHANGE EVER!!!! I was so excited! I got to drive up a huge mountain to visit some sisters that are literally working in a town in the mountains that is tiny. Poor things are so far away from everything but they are definitely working in a BEAUTIFUL area. After seeing nothing but palm trees and dirt for a good year, I was like tourist at Disneyland! Here are some fun pictures of actual trees and water! 

We also found a really cute and embarrassed pig. WILBUR!

Well I definitely dont have much time to write to day but love to all!!
Have a great week!
Stay Safe&God Speed.
Love, Hermana Tobler

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