Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Glad Tidings Of Great Joy 8/31/16

 My last email totally was awful and I hope to be able to make it up to you all by writing something worth reading today. yeettt...
SO! This week was a busy one so I will jump right into it!
Cinderella's Nike.
About 3 weeks ago i lost one of my Nikes. My dearly beloved, neon orange, and worn shoe got lost on a P day with lots of running around. I was so sad! After 2 weeks of hoping and praying that it would turn up I bought a new pair to fill the hole in my heart. Even though I had new babies I continued to check the lost and found at our church (because I thought I had lost them there.) This past Sunday we were bustling through the halls chasing down members to come out and work with us when I decided to give the Lost and Found closet another shot. I opened the door and right in front of my eyes was my gross but so lovely Nike! I was over the moon!! After a minute of rejoicing and gratitude prayers I began to reflect on the experience. I was struck by the fact that the shoe had turned up AFTER I had moved on. I had already bought new shoes and had already accepted that maybe the Lord's will this time was for me to learn to not love material items as much. BUT, he still provided a way for me to find it. I was reminded that the Lord is very aware of everything going on in our lives but also knows the best for us. Trust in the Lord's timing is something that I am continually trying to improve but i have seen so many blessings when I do let Him take charge and lead the way. I am also secretly very happy that His will this time was to let me find my shoe. Hehe. :)
Seeking with Faith
Hemet is great but sometimes certain wards have trouble being available to help the missionaries. I love my ward here but sometimes it is nearly impossible to find team ups to go out and work with. This past Sunday was a bit stressful as Hermana Godoy and I realized that we still had a lot of street contacting to do to hit our goal. Feeling the desperate need to show the Lord our faith and diligence, we prayed fervently so to find some members to come out and walk with us. 1 hour before the designated time the Lord provided 2 willing sister to go and walk the ghetto streets of Hemet with us. YAY! But that is not all! At the time I was very stressed because our lack of new investigators this past week. I knew we needed to improve in that key indicator as well as member present lessons. I prayed before we went walking that we would find SOMEBODY to teach and share a lesson with. Miraculously, WE DID!! 2 nice ladies making skirts in a garage let us in and we shared a short but powerful lesson. I was ecstatic by this point! But wait, that still isn't all!! We continued walking and I attempted to contact a lady sitting in her garage fanning her face. Come to find out she was the mother of a less active family that we had been searching for LONG before I got to Hemet. She also has a nine year old daughter that wants to be baptized!! Oh my GOODNESS!!! If I was ecstatic before, now I was nearly crying with joy!! SO many blessings! But wait that isn't all!! I received a text that night that one of my dear investigators from Jurupa will be baptized this Friday!! I can wholeheartedly testify of God's goodness and his care for his children. I feel infinitely blessed to be here. I know his gospel is true.
I hop you all have a great week!!
Stay Safe&God Speed.

Hermana Tobler

Missionary Marriage Counselors! 8/22/16

YIKES!! NO I am just joking! Well for the most part. 

This week I had the opportunity to have 42 years of marrige distress dumped on me. Yes! I was out "Seeking with Faith" with a member this week, (which means talking to every single person you see outside for a few hours) and we approached a man sitting outside of a park. He was pensively staring at the sky when we started to chat. We began a good friendly discussion but it was quickly cut sort by the arrival of his wife. Within seconds, this couple began pouring out all the hurt and agony that had developed after 40 years of being married the man cheated on his wife for 2 years!  We literally stood in between them as they yelled at each other. It was crazy. We testified hard core about Jesus Christ being the way to settle all and peaced out quick. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hmmmm Hemetttt 8/8/16

AH Yas. 

Hemet is just the best. Okay, everything here just makes me laugh. It is just so funny because Hemet just has it's own special culture. If you are ever bored just look out the window, if you ever want to smell something weird then go outside, if you want to hear something "crunch" then step on a cockroach. It is just so  amazing! 
The ward here is just darling, the sunsets are killer and I have a pretty sweet comp. 

I miss Jurupa Valley so much already but I know that we are moved around for a reason. I feel so blessed to get to serve all these cuties here in Riverside County. More specifically, HEMET!!

Ew, quick story. Among a myriad of other rude things... A salty old man bragged to us that he had successfully pulled his ex-wife away from the church.  I was so chapped. I just testified about the Book of Mormon and marched away before I said anything un-Christlike. Thank goodness The Spirit serves as a calming agent too!

I hope everyone is doing well and getting back into the School mode and work grind.

I also hope that you all remember that I have a testimony and this is the BEST work ever. 

Stay Safe&God Speed,
Love, Hermana Tobler 

1...2....3....BAUTISMO!!! 8/1/16


So none of you will believe this but the Lord has just POURED out his blessings upon us. Yesterday Fernanado was confirmed at church and we baptized 3 souls into restored gospel. Yes! 3! I am overjoyed that Lupe and Juan were finally able to be baptized and Kevin (14 years old), another investigator that I havent written about but still is SO GOOD. 
I know Lupe and Juan were meant to be baptized together and now they are SO HAPPY and ready to direct their lives towards Christ. You all should have see their glowing faces. The Spirit at the baptism was SO STRONG. Easily the most stressful, hardest to pull off, and most spiritual baptism I have ever been a part of. I know that it was alllllll worth the pain. I recieved such a feeling of contnentment as we parted ways with our converts for the last time. Which leads me to announce that unexpectedly, I was called to be transfered away from Jurupa Valley. 

Lupe and Juanito are my heart!! I am literally a giant in this culure

KEVVINNNN... Cant speak English yet which is a little disorienting around here but SO FUNNY!

HEMET. Let me give you the run down. 
On average 10 degrees hotter than any other part of the mission. (110-120 degrees)
A stones throw from Tiajuana Mexico
Stuffed to the brim with homeless folks
You either like it or you hate it
A valley in the middle of nowhere

In truth, I am so stoked to serve down there. It will be an adventure and I am excited to have a new awesome Latina comp and baptized more gente down south. 

Okay literally Saturday this week was crazy.. We had 3 dinners! Carne asada with all the works, pie and ice cream, curry chicken with a mountain of rice amd lemon cake, and pazole with a sundae. Uhhhhh I ws soooo fulll.... I wanted to cry I hurt so bad! Tough love I guess..! I decided after our 3 dinners to take my 9 months "pregnancy" picture.. This is my food baby. 100%. No judgment porfavor.. xD

I will miss Hermana Gomez so much, Houston TX is lucky to have her back.

Thanks for all your continual love and support!

Stay Safe&God Speed

Love, Hermana Tobler 

Splish Splash! Nope it's not the bath! 7/25/16

YYYAAAAASSS! Super mega joy all up in hur today! 

We had un BAUTISMO!!

This is Fern. Fernanado actually. He is pretty cool. He is clothing designer, a chef, a tour guide, surfer, and EL SALVADORIAN. He is the bomb. I really am so happy because of his progress. Fern didn't start out as a Golden investigator. Although he came to church every week without fail, he was having a hard time accepting that fact that Jesus Christ is real and we have a Heavenly Father who loves us. He grew up with a very skeptical view on religion and had a strange concept of who "God" is. But like a miracle, after about 2 months of teaching him, he just exploded with growth. He got involved with activities, participated in class, prayed more fervently and focused on gaining a testimony. Truly he began to change and make better decisions. Oh Joy!

The cutie went out and bought himself a suit and everything for his special day. Aww.. Also, after his baptism I asked him how he felt and he said; "like a completely new person." I love this man! 

God loves us and he cares so deeply for each of his children. I know He lives. 

A couple more highlights of the week include contacting 11 referrals in one day, teaching a lesson with the most ferocious guy pit bull I have ever seen sitting at me feet, being chased a whole block by a shnowzer, and having the chance to testify hard core about My Heavenly Father and Savior to an anti-Christ. Take that!
I had a great week and I am just loving this work.

Be Safe&God Speed!
Hermana Tobler