Thursday, November 3, 2016

never.... forget... the cena... 10/17/16


Ugh so this week was a mixture of extreme stress and also some good things. 
A few things that brought on the dose of stress included President Mullen coming out to work with us this week and see how we are applying new concepts from General Conference that we are using in our mission. YIKES! We taught Oscar and a family in our ward and from what I am aware of, we did a good job and PASSED the test. Phewww.... 

Another stressful event! So long stroy short, our dinner schedule got mixed up and during the middle of splits we got a call from an exceedingly sorrowful member who made us this huge dinner and had been waiting for us to come. WE HAD NO IDEA! Her name wasnt even on our calendar! After much driving, calling, and rescheduling, we drove across our whole area, which is about 15 miles, to her house in the boonies. On the way we made plans to grovel and beg for forgiveness. SO part of that action was sacrificing our stomachs and eating all she placed in front of us. As delicious as it was, I would have been happy with just the little bowl of arroz con leche that she served us for dessert. I thought I was going to POP! We ended up not making it to MCM and so that in itself was also an issue. Lesson to be learned... Never mess up your dinner calendar or you will hurt all night. Ouch. 

Okay my heart literally broke when on exchanges we went by to see Gloria. (our cancer investigator)  We have been trying for weeks to get in with her but she has been gone or very sick. She was home so we knocked on the door and called her name to let her know we were there. The door was literally open and we could see her kids hiding from us! After some awkward silence, one of the kids said that her mom wasn't feeling well. I knew in that moment that things werent going to work out at the present time and we couldn't keep coming by. I was so sad... I literally held that little woman in my arms while she cried last week! I hope it is nothing that we did wrong but I feel like it is our fault. Seriously, I would have errupted in tears if I didnt have the sweet strippling warrior with me on exchanges. Sometimes the work is really hard. It isnt the labor, its the heart break..

Well I hope you all have a great week!
Stay Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

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