Monday, March 20, 2017

The adventures of the Lamanite and Nephite continue... 3/20/17


What a crazy week it has been! I know that is literally the MOST cliche, over used and unhelpful start to an email that practically every missionary since the dawn of time has used. I apologize.

Other than the fact that this week was pi day, (3.14) pretty much the normal happened. But then again, is normality even a thing on the mission? Nope! 
This week consisted of 2 exchanges, Zone Development Meeting at which Sister Ogden and I gave a training, teaching our amazing investigators, finding more of them and finally undergoing the most depressing part of the mission.. the EXIT INTERVIEW.... I died a little bit. 

On that sad note, 
I came to know the Savior this week when I was having a really blue morning. Life on the mission is so great right now, but every once and awhile, my heart gets really heavy and sad that this glorious mission is coming to a close. This week I was having such a mournful morning and so I decided to flip through my scriptures to find something about the Atonement that would help comfort my heart. I happened to find one of President Mullen's favorites. Alma 31:31. As I read this scripture for probably the 50th time on my mission, it entered in my heart with so much more force. I remembered that my soul could be "comforted in Christ" as I asked Heavenly Father for peace from the Holy Ghost and strength to keep going from the enabling power of grace. I held on to that scripture and pondered it in my heart for the rest of the week. It has continued to lift me out of my heartache and help me to focus myself on the work. I love the Atonement, I know it truly came to pass. It was an act of pure, infinite and merciful love. I will forever be grateful for my Savior and His eternal sacrifice. 

Yesterday, Hna Hernandez got roped into singing with our little ward choir and as we sat there on the stand, two of our investigators walked in. We had to restrain ourselves from launching off the stand and embracing them. YOLANDA drove her broken car 20 mph to get to church! She loves everything and is so excited for her baptism on April 2. GOLDEN!!!
Olga and Kate will be baptized NEXT WEEK!!! Stay tuned for photos of people in white jumpsuits and two exhausted missionaries smiling ridiculously. 

Have a great week everyone!
Be Safe&God Speed.
Love, Hermana Tobler

Sister Ford!!

Sister Padilla!!

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