Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tea party with a tea cup chihuahua and a Chihuahena 2/27/17

Hola Friends!!

This week has been one for the books with a lot of good work and amazing miracles! I am absolutely loving my time as a missionary. Truly is there a better calling??

A few of this week's highlight's consisted of finding a SUPER ELECT LADY named Yolanda.
Actually my comp found her washing her car one day when I was on exchanges and turns out that several years ago Elders in Arizona were teaching her. She was so close to getting baptized but she was having a little trouble with some of the commandments and her timing wasnt quite right. But now after many trials and heartache since then, she is humbled and ready for prime time! Whoop! So basically we have taught her a few lessons and she is accepting everything thing 100%. She is ready and willing to be baptized on April 2. It was a privilege to teach her this week about her worth as a special daughter of a loving Heavenly Father.. Wow when we were talking about that the Spirit just crushed us, it was like the best suffocating feeling ever! She is a miracle!!

We also had the amazing opportunity to go to the temple this week!! Literally going to the house of the Lord felt like a refreshing drink of cool water after wandering in the dessert for 6 months. Simply walking in those doors gave me so much strength to lift my head a little higher and work a little harder. Going to the temple as a missionary is literally an experience never to be forgotten. Everything is so clear and perfect. It was a huge blessing to go and feel of the Spirit in such a magnitude. 

OLGA! Olga and her daughter Kate are progressing right along! We had wonderful lessons with each of them this week and they are so ready to be baptized it is insane. Our font in March is going to be more hopping than a public pool in the middle of August! AHhh JK but really it is going to be a fabulous month. After one of our lessons with Olga she made us this little tea party and we got to sit on her bedroom floor with her, Kate, her Chihuahua named cookie, a Yorkie named biscuit  and eat cookies and biscuits with tea. It was so much fun!! I love them! 

I came to know the Savior better this week when we went to the temple. I have been learning a lot of amazing things about the Savior in Jesus the Christ and one thing that really resounded with me was Jesus when he rode into Jerusalem on the donkey before the Passover. I not only love all the symbolism associated with that, but I love the emotional detail noted. Jesus Christ was very sad during this supposedly glorious procession, he was weighed down by the sins of His people and the upcoming sacrifice that He was going to make. When I saw a painting of this procession in the temple, I was struck hard by the expression on Christ's face. He really does look sad! I know that He loved His people and His mortality so much and it saddened Him to know that so many of these people would never turn unto Him and accept Him as their Savior. I never want to see that expression on my Savior's face, I want Him to be smiling when He sees the work that we are doing and our efforts to help all of God's children turn to their Christ. It makes me want to work even harder!!

Have a great week everyone!
Be Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

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