Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Wow the time seems to be flying by, I still feel like I barely started but I also feel like I have no memories or comprehension of anything besides the mission life. I guess it comes with the package.

SO the lady Olga, that I reported on last week is doing SO WELL. She is very ready for baptism and we have been teaching her about 2-3 times a week. We asked her why she wanted this so bad in her life and she gave us a really special answer. She told us that her sister is a recent convert in San Clemente CA of 8 months and that she has visited her church with her, read the BOM with her, and has seen a mighty change in her sister. She said that she has SO MUCH MORE PATIENCE and that she is surrounded in peace and that that is something that she wants. Olga has 2 children with autism and other special needs so she is looking forward to the peace and patience that gospel will bring her. Her presence in our lives is truly like a golden nugget of baptism from heaven. We love her so much and are looking forward to baptism on March 12. :)

Some other miracles the fact that one of the people I worked with toward baptism the last time I was here is now preparing to enter in the temple and be sealed to his wife and children!!! I was literally over the moon. He has such a strong testimony and I have seen him change bastante in the short time that I have been away. Wow the gospel is a miracle. 

1.Went and played soccer with some ward members last monday
2.Got my craft on and made some homemade chicken noodle soup. With a ton of Jalepeno of course
3. Our most missionary dedicated member telling her dog to say bye to us. LOVE HER.
4. I was a security guard for service this week at the March Field Air Museum. super legit.
5. Twinning with my babyyyyyy ;)

Alright Everybody I hope you all have a wonderful week!! 

Be Safe&God Speed.
Love, Hermana Tobler

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