Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I lub my bebe 1/30/17


Hello everyJUAN!

Life is so good out here in the good ole Moreno Valley. I feel like I've died and gone to heaven every day and that is just missionary life. I found out that one of my dearest friends in the world is going to be serving in Mexico and I literally freaked out. I am so happy, missions change lives. 

We had so many cool miracles this week and I truly saw the hand of the Lord in my life. Here is my favorite one. 

Olga was a referral that we received from the CA Irvine mission and we contacted her very quickly. We set up and appointment for her this Sunday after church. After church was over we had a member in tow to the lesson when she called us and told us she needed to push the appointment back a few hours. HOW CONSIDERATE! She also didn't try the " I will call you back later when I have time" option, she set a new time, that SAME day! Of course we were more than happy to work with her change of plans. Later at the lesson, we were able to get to know her and come to find out that she has been prepared to receive the gospel for a long time. She has attended church with her sister in San Clemente several times and she has finally divorced from her controlling husband so she has more freedom. She was 100% enthusiastic about every single commitment we extended, especially baptism. Her positive response and excitement literally filled my heart to the brim with joy. I nearly flew off the couch and hugged her. Hermana Hernandez and I are praying with all our hearts that she is truly ready and that the obstacles that will arise (because they always do) will not deter her from her goal to baptism. We feel so blessed and humbled, and hopeful as well that her 7 children will follow suite. YAYYA!

I came to know the Savior better this week in an unexpected way. I have honestly been trying harder and harder to repent daily and strive for the constant companionship of the spirit so I may work effectively and in the Lord's way. One night this week, as I was saying my nightly prayer, I felt an assurance from the Spirit a forgiveness from my sins. That experience led me to keep up the effort on my daily repentance and by the time Sacrament meeting came around, I felt so prepared! I ended up having a very spiritual sacrament experience and I felt the effects of the Atonement work in my life. I realized for the first time how much of a diligent process daily repentance is and also what a beautiful feeling comes as a result. I know that by repenting daily, I can receive a full remission of my sins and feel closer to my Savior. 

So we also met a guy who literally lives in a tiny trailer in a literal rancho. He was literally sleeping and eating in an animal pen, it was really sad. We met him early Sunday morning when we were walking around our area by the church before Sacrament Meeting started. At first Crisanto seemed really nice and potentially interested besides the fact that he wanted us to bring a bunch of nice women when we came back to visit him. We invited him to the church that morning but he declined and said he was busy. So we set up a later appointment, wrote down the church address and then we left. Throughout the rest of our walking around the area, he kept driving up to us in his truck and asking us weird questions and telling us the most random stuff. Thankfully he left us alone. Until later. We were sitting in the middle of gospel principles when a member pulled us out to see the dirty and drunk Cristanto hollering and shouting random gross things in the hallway. After a short and weird conversation with a drunk guy he was kindly escorted out and we rejoined our class. HOW WEIRD!

Anyway, lots of great things happened this week. I am loving my mission more than ever and I absolutely love training Hermana Hernandez, she is a dream!! 
Have a great week! 
Be Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler 

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