Monday, June 6, 2016

Out "cold" 6/6/16

Howdy Erryjuannn!

This week has been an adventure to say the least and I loved almost every minute. Haha.. 

So first off, we had an interesting lesson with Fernie ( our most dedicated progressing investigator) and things aren't turning out as we hoped. With out going into too much unwanted detail... We found out that he is a clothing designer and that we might have to start being more explicit about following commandments such as the L.O.C. and the W. O. W. That's always fun. Hopefully he sees what needs to happen and changes his life. 

Thursday afternoon was a bit of a "chiller" when our freezer door fell on my head. Let me explain.
We have one of those basic refrigerators with a freezer above and a fridge below. I was putting some things away in the bottom part of the fridge while the freezer part was open. After I finished, I stood up really quickly and by doing so, the force of my head ripped the door completely off it's hinges and it came crashing down on me. Yayyy..! Aside from some dazed confusion, I thought I was fine and continued to go about the work. However, due to the increasing discomfort and soreness, my comps made me call the nurse and the nurse called mission medical and mission medical decided that I was concussed so I had to go to the E.R. as soon as possible. 
I spent Friday night in the Emergency Room with everyone and their hamster only to find out that I was not concussed but I had damaged a lot of the muscles in my neck. So now I am taking medicine that helps with the pain in my head and neck, but also causes me to be perpetually drowsy and dizzy. YAS. 

So since that little incident, our days have been pretty mellow and low key. I am feeling a little better everyday so hopefully I will be at 100% soon. 

The mission is such a great place to learn and grow. There are so many lessons that I learn everyday just by being here. I wish time wouldn't fly so fast! I hit my 8 month mark this week and I am not ready for the down hill slope that is rapidly approaching. 

I love you all and I hope you are all enjoying your first week of summer. Here we are hanging out in the triple digits so please enjoy your lakes and pools for me. 

Stay Safe&God Speed.

LOVE, Hermana Tobler

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