Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Oh how glorious and bright 06/14/16


Hi every body.. What a week it has been! I hope everyone who isn't serving a mission is enjoying their first week of summer. I have been doing my best to refrain from singing the High School Musical song whenever someone talks about summer. haha the temptation is real.  I for one have been grateful for the cooler temps this week, we had some glorious overcast days and that was a blessing indeed.

MIRACLES! I am constantly amazed at how mindful Heavenly Father is of his kids. We were able to accomplish so much this week and had 5 progressing investigators at church on Sunday. 5!! 
I nearly wept.

I am super happy because we are teaching a woman named Lupe and her son Juanito. She has been an investigator on our board all transfer but we haven't been focusing on her as much.. due to the needs of other gators who were progressing faster. HOWEVER... This week we visited Lupe and she committed to come to church.. (for reals reals reals) and bring her son.She soaked up everything and thoroughly enjoyed herself. In Gospel Principles class they talked about baptism and afterwards she leaned over  and said; "How great that we talked about baptism because that is what I want to do!" Yayayaya! So The Spirit has been giving us all sorts of positive feelings with Lupe and her son. Juanito loved primary and told is mom that he couldn't believe that three hours had passed by so fast! My heart wanted to burst I was so glad. 
Hopefully things continue to go well with Lupe and Juanito, we plan on working hard with them to meet their baptism goal on the 10th of July. WHooP!

I just want to insert here that I am absolutely in LOVE with the Book of Mormon. 
I can't describe adequately what that book has come to mean to me on my mission. I know that it is true, and that it is the word of God. Every time I read it, I can literally feel my mind being filled with it's light. I can't wait to give Mormon a big hug someday and tell him thanks for being such a great prophet. He is pretty darn great.

Well I hope everyone has a solid week and good times are had. 
Much love from Riverside Cal. To each of you. 

Stay Safe&God Speed. 

Love, Hermana Tobler

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