Saturday, June 4, 2016

Man and House of God 5/23/16

I met an Apostle of de Lord.. And visited His Temple!
Elder Cristofferson came and visited our mission and it was just grand. He is A LOT funnier than I would have ever anticipated and gave an enlightening address. We were able to ask him lots of questions and learn some neat stuff. He shook each missionary's hand and looked into our souls. I almost died. It was pretty spesh.

The Temple is always a good idea. I feel like it has a way of smoothing out all of our worries and concerns
​and replacing everything with fortitude and a strength to keep going. I am grateful that we have the opportunity to visit a little piece of Heaven on Earth. 

SOOO Jurupa Valley. We actually cover 3 cities. 
1. Mira Loma- farm country/mini Mexico. Love it. 
2. Eastvale- land of the wealthies
3. Jurupa- middle ground of both ML and EV. 

The ward covers a lot of cities and we have such great people here. We were so blessed to have 4 of our investigators at church this week and I am loving working with such a helpful ward. I cant say enough about a ward that is willing to do good things for the missionaries

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