Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Los Cielos got me likeeee 06/20/16

HI Fram!

So I have to put this out real quickly before I begin. 
My writing quality has gone down the toilet on my mission, and I thin learning an new language has a lot to do with it. I hope all that I write makes sense and that nothing comes across as too bold or crazy. I have been adapting to the way a lot of the people speak here and I think it has taken a toll on my English. Please forgive. 

Wow, So this week was a little toasty! We got to embrace some serious warmth on Father's Day and since I didnt have my Dad around to hug, I think the weather played a role in replacing loving arms with fireyheat waves. Although 122 degrees is a little hot, I won't complain because humidity isn't really part of our equation here. 

So one of my favorite parts about serving here is the horses  we have horses EVERYWHERE. In one part of my area, all the Hispanics have horses and Men, teenagers, and little children ride them. It is really cool. They have a special button on stoplights for the people on the horses to push to cross the streets. (Because they're so tall!) The people live ina little horse raising community that is pretty ghetto and kind of scary. We have to be careful when it gets dark. There are SO MANY pitbulls and German Shepard everywhere. I have seen some really weird and ferocious dogs! Anyway across the street from this community is a lot of space for people to ride their horses. Trails, trees, and hills. It is really lovely The only issue is that it is soooo hot.. and NOBODY has enough money for AC so we just sweat. Yes and I love it. 

The Skiess.. I love that the English translation for "the skies" in Spanish is "the Heavens". It is such a romantic and religious language! Anyway, the heavens out here are just jawdroppingly gorgeous and my camera will never be able to capture it but my heart sure is. 

So little update on my situation; the trio died this week as transfers were decided and Hermana Babb is headed out to Menifee. Hermana Gomez and I are going to work our tails of this transfer and baptize darling Lupe and her son Juanito. I am excited and am loving this wonderful work. 

I hope all of you had fantastic week and that all you fathers know how loved you are. 

I love you all!

Stay Safe&God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

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