Monday, January 9, 2017

When it rains it pours.. but it opens doors 1/9/16

Hello my lovlies! 

Life here in the California Riverside Mission is pretty dandy. 
This week was pretty nice. We had several pretty little miracles dot the week and that always makes for a nice email. 
1. Monday night we literally found THEE MOST GOLDEN family ever! We were so excited. This man and his wife were so interested and so serious about everything. We were on could 9!! They accepted baptism on like the second point of teaching lesson 1..😆 and they committed to come to church, read, and pray. EXCEPT.... They didnt. They canceled our next appointment and didnt show up to church before the week ended. 😢 BAH! I was not pleased. Although I love this work more than absolutely anything in the world, it bums me out so bad sometimes. Gr. Anyway, we are going to keep trying with these folks and really do our best to pull them back. 

2. While Seeking with Faith one evening we met a Hispanic man who in the fist 1 minute of meeting him started singing "Surfing USA" byt the Beach Boys. In a Hispanic Accent. It was very memorable. But of course we clapped and praised him and he proceeded to tell us all about his divine identity and a huge chunk of the Plan of Salvation. That was a shock. Even though he wasn't really interested, at least he knows he is a son of God! 👌

3. Lots of fun exchanges this week that unfortunately included me LOSING MY PLANNER. Aka my brain. I was devastated! We drove all the way back from Menifee to MoVal before I realized that it had fallen out of my pocket in a Starbucks parking lot. 😑 So, because that thing is absolutely essential, I prayed my heart out and we went back and found it. It was totally destroyed and driven all over but  it was intact and still had my awesome pilot pen. YAY!  Miracles!!! The Lord loves His missionaries.

4. I prayed hard and the Lord fixed my attitude SEVERAL TIMES. I am so human. I seriously have a testimony of the enabling power of the Atonement helping atitudes.

5. We met a Chinese man who spoke Spanish better than English. But he combined all three and tried to communicate with us. 😅
6. I put heat on my hair for the first time in a YEAR. Enjoy!

Have a great week everyone!

Be Safe&God Speed.
Love, Hermana Tobler

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