Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Comps who barf together.... 4/25/16

Hi. Detail alert.

Last Monday morning dawned bright and early, and so did the Preparation day craziness. 
We emailed at the church, studied, ate lunch, and went shopping. Little did I know that this day would begin a nightmare of a week for my companion and me. Here is a little glimpse into the beginning of it. 
Whilst out and about shopping, Hermana Jordan mentioned that she had been feeling pretty terrible all day and that her stomach was really bothering her. After trying several stores for a a bathroom and Pepto we hurried home so she could rest. 
Pobrecita laid on the floor of our study room for a few hours in obvious discomfort and pain. Later she moved to the bathroom floor. I sat outside the open door for a long while, writing letters and waiting to be of service to my dear Sister. 
While I sat waiting diligently, I heard a moan issue from the bathroom:
"Hermana, It is not getting any better".
Oh dear.
I turned to see my companions head right there by the door, her brows all scrunched in the agony of her stomach. I stared at her sadly, not knowing what to do. 
Then I heard an odd rushing noise, and with out a single hesitation. My comp threw herself into a seated position and lunged her body to the general direction of the toilet. 
No use.
Hermana upchucked her breakfast, Panera sandwich and Pepto all over the bathroom floor. 
There was no stopping the flood. 
I patted her back and stroked her hair while she accomplished this task. Then I wiped off my shakey companion, and delivered her to her bed. She laid there silently while I cleaned up her barf and bleached the bathroom.
Ha..... Yuck.
I bustled about the apartment for the rest of the evening. Cleaning, organizing and taking care of Hermana Jordan. She delivered another offering of stomach slime and I tried to eat my dinner out of her view and smell. 
throughout all this, I tried to ignore the growing discomfort in my own stomach. As I sat down to finish writing my family letters, the sensations grew steadily worse. I hit the hay early as the nausea began. THe next 6 hours consisted of 4 torturous trips to the bathroom, dry heaving in between, and moving to different stations on the floor of our room. Finally at 2:15 am my stomach finally let me expel its contents into my trusty bowl. PHEW.. Relief. For 5 minutes. 
My sweet comp took care of the horrific mess and I prepared for the next round. I dealt with it all for about 3 more hours before crashing asleep in the middle of the floor. 
The rest of the week was horrible as we fought chills and fevers. Thankfully, we feel much better now.

So wash your hands children. You never know who might ruin your plans for a week. 

On the brighter side of life, Jesse was confirmed and received the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday. Hermana Jordan and I are so grateful to be working together. Although we have probably watched the Restoration and the Testaments more times than should be acceptable, it was a great week to be together. 

I hope you are all enjoying this beautifully precious life we have and are aware of our Father's love for us. 
Stay Safe & God Speed.
Love, Hermana Tobler

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