Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A little watery 3/21/16

Hi Hi Hi!

Not too much to report this week other than that Cali just keeps getting hotter. The only consolation that I am receiving from this is the slight tan that is starting to make it's appearance. Pale people have to notice the little things.

Two weeks ago, while contacting we met a nice quiet lady shuffling through her mail box. She said she would be interested to hear our message and invited us back another time. The darling woman, named Martha, actually lives in the garage of the home that we saw her at, and as a result, it took us a little time to find her. Her humble circumstances, mixed with her story of a recent and tragic divorce,easily pulled the spirit into the lesson. She shared with us that she feels all alone in the world and her children is all she has and all they have is her. She believes that we were sent to her home for a reason.  

I am convinced that the spirit has a way of touching peoples hearts and probing people to share their stories. I know that the Spirit puts us in people's paths for a reason. I love this work.

This week was Ward Conference for the Nuevo ward and we had the pleasure of being addressed by Stake Leaders. Having anyone speak in English in our Stake is kind of a problem because everyone has to either listen to the talks though headsets and an interpreter, or an interpreter will stand next to the speaker and translate sentence by sentence. It is kind of hard and distracting but also amazing because the Spirit still testifies of truth and everyone still understands. 

The Relief Society was especially funny because the Stake leaders were so watery, flustered and emotional. SO different than how it usually is in English wards. Dang I miss white people! haha just kidding I love my Latinos. 

Thanks for all the love and support you all send me!
Stay Safe & God Speed

Love, Hermana Tobler

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