Thursday, March 17, 2016

Jurassic Park and Hamburgers 3/14/2016


Hello framily! I hope that everything is going well on the home front and all of you are lovin' life. Life is so good and so precious. I am grateful for mine. Being on a mission causes me to wonder everyday, (why on earth?) was I so lucky to be born into the gospel. There are so many people without it and I see the gospel as the greatest treasure anyone could ever have... So why was I born into it?? If anything though, this realization and gratitude spurs my desire to keep doing the work and spreading what I know to be true. 

Let's cut to one of the SALTIEST contacts I have ever received. Hermana Bjork and I were out walking and talking on the street when we came upon a man, who appeared to be working on his car. We ventured into the contact and boldly invited him to learn more about Jesus Christ.

He looked at us and smiled... "and to what purpose?" He asked.

We then testified about the joy of knowing Christ and the blessings of the gospel, which he interrupted in saying that he was Buddhist and definitely not interested.

The real salt came when we asked for a referral...

"Do you know anyone who needs help right now or would be interested in learning more about how to come closer to Christ?"

To which he responded:

"What do you even mean? Why are you bothering people? You say you're here for your church? You guys are too naive to realize this but they are just using you. Churches take too much from their youth-- (we interjected that we sent ourselves and this was OUR desire)-- don't you know that the world does not need missionaries anymore?? We have the internet. Nobody is going to listen to you guys so GO HOME. Get out while you can. Go back to your parents and live your lives. There isn't anyone in this world or California especially, who will listen to you. GO HOME."

Yeeeeetttt.... Tell that to our recent convert who just served us dinner... shocked and shaken, we bid him good luck on fixing his car, to which he replied shaking his head and smiling like we were stupid little children "it isnt even broken". 

What?.. Well have a nice day darn it!

Can you believe that?? Missionaries receive this kind of rejection everyday but this time it hit especially hard. It reminded me of the time in the New Testament when Peter contradicted Christ and tried to suade him from accomplishing the Atonement. To such things Christ rebuked him severely. Peter had no right to try to tempt Christ from fulfilling  the most important act in the whole world. I kind of felt like rebuking this little man.. "How dare you try to distract me from my calling and suggest that I go home?" 

Hopefully he accepts the gospel one day... maybe far away.. but one day...

On a funnier note... a few minutes later we met another man who told us very seriously that "if we want to feel the Holy Spirit, we need to 'Eat God' - because it says so in the Bible. We need to eat God, just like a hamburger."


Later that week we had another experience whilst walking and talking on the street again.

We were walking through a nicer neighborhood at the base of a mountain and found a heavily gated yard. Intrigued, we stepped a little closer and observed little cameras everywhere, perched on huge, 6 foot iron bars that protected the jungle like yard from the dangers of the outside world. I wondered why such a pretty area of lush bushes and palm trees and nice bark was so heavily guarded. As I was thinking about this, my eyes fell on a lonely little orange ball. 

"Awhh"- I said to my comp, "-a lost ball that will never be returned... how sad!"

Seconds later, I heard a rustling of feet, many feet, and I am ashamed to say that the first thing that I thought of was that the raptors from Jurassic Park were coming to eat me. However, despite my jump to conclusions, I was NOT prepared for the three striped greyhounds that came spriniting towards us. GIANT DOGS.. or horses? (Why is it always dogs?) 

I hollered and took off running as they barked and snarled at us. Oh my goodness, I was terrified!

So that was that and I learned a lot of other things this week. I am grateful to be out serving and have the chance to be rejected for Christ. It is a blessing.
I love the work!
Have a great week all, 
Stay Safe & God Speed
Love, Hermana Tobler

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