Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Run into the ground 2/22/16

You know that feeling when you have given your ALL 100% for 3 1/2 months straight and you haven't even slowed down for a minute, and then all of the sudden your whole body decides to hate you and make you slow down? IT IS THE WUURST. 

Hermana Bjork and I were hit with an overwhelming bought of the flu and balloon brains this week so our loving Sister Mission President sternly commanded us to stay within our apartment for 4 days!!! It was an outrage, we have souls to save. Ain't nobody got time for resting.

But, like the obedient Hermanas we are, we complied and stayed in. 
Let me tell ya.... One can only watch The Testaments and church movies from the 80's so many times before it gets OLLLDDDDD. I think the church could use a couple classes on how to make their movies slightly less cheesy. But that is just my 2 cents. We entertained ourselves by doing oatmeal

Hermana Bjork, the poor dear, was absolutely delirious one day when I thought I was better. We got home from Salvation Army service and the poor thing was just a mess.President straight up told her that she belonged with the Walking Dead! The Poor Dear she fell asleep for 4 hours while I baked bread and bleached the apartment. Later, we were sentenced to the doctors office (horror!!) and we obediently went. But don't tell anyone that we might have left right after Sister Bjork got her vitals done (the doc was taking too long). After contacting the folks in the waiting room, there was no way we were waiting around anymore. 

So Herman Bjork and I are DONE with staying in and this week, you had better believe that we will be busier than bees as we bring souls unto the salvation. I know that the Lord carries all who are willing to serve Him. I definitely count on that promise much more than I can say. 

Sorry for the lack of report and excitement this week but I hope you all are happy and healthy!
Stay Safe & God Speed. 
Love, Hermana Tober

Here are a few highlights from this weeks episode of the walking dead. 

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