Monday, December 14, 2015

Terrorist Attacks and Tres Leche 12/07/15

Hello Hello Hello!

Wow, 2 months out today! Crazy..! I am absolutely OVERJOYED to write to you all this week. This past week has been one of hard work and determination. We are preparing for another baptism this Thursday. Felipe is probably one of the cutest 74-year-old men I have ever seen. He looks very much like the old and criminal president of Mexico, dresses like a hipster, and says "mucho gusto" every time he sees a missionary (even though we have have taught him so many times).... In other words, he is precious and I am looking to adopt. My companion, Hermana Bjork is one of the hardest working missionaries I have ever met. Since becoming her companion I have never rested, and I wouldn't change that for anything. I am so blessed to have her. 

Alrighttyy.. Let's talk about food for a minute shall we? I must preface this by saying that the only way I have avoided becoming a blimp is through hard exercise everyday. This mission is actually nicknamed by all the missionaries as "the 20 lb mission"..... Uhmm yes, I believe it. I had a couple meals this week that caused me to consider waking up earlier to work out for longer. Haha! So quick story here.. Every night we are fed by a member. Sometimes it is a full on Mexican feast with rice, beans, salsa, tortillas, meats, and soups. Sometimes it is just a quesadilla. This particular night we were blessed with just one huge quesadilla and some veggies to eat. She also let us serve ourselves which NEVER HAPPENS. The sweet Hermana feeding us asked us to serve ourselves some pumpkin pie and we each took a tiny sliver. Phew, dessert was over. My buttons weren't bursting yet and I was hoping that we would be able to share our little lesson and leave before she fed us even more. However... after the lesson she brought pan out of her fridge... it made a huge "thud" as she set it on the table. My companion and I stared wide-eyed at the mystery before us. She lifted the plastic wrap covering the pan and to our deep concern began scooping up brick sized slices of cake. Now, this cake isn't just any old kind of cake. Tres Leche or "three milk" cake is wet, sticky, and dense. The generosity of the sister was so sweet and the members here serve the missionaries so much but sometimes they forget that we cant always eat as much as they want us to. Even though we try.. really hard. She proceeded to give us each a brick of tres leche and looked at us expectantly as we eyed this monstrous dessert. So we began. I made my way through about 1/3 of it before I resigned to the fact that it was just not going to happen. My companion and I grimaced as we both discreetly took a handful of napkins and placed them in our laps. For the next five minutes we took turns distracting the darling Hermana and scooping the cake into our napkins. What a nerve wracking chore! By the time we finished we each had a sticky and wet wad of napkins and cake. This probably won't be the first or last time we have to do this. :) I love the members here, they are so so so kind and loving. They do so much and contribute greatly to the success of the area.

Moreno Valley is going through their "winter" and the best way to describe it would be a "mild Utah fall". Celebrating the Christmas season with palm trees and short sleeves feels a little weird to be honest. But I love it! Most of the residential areas here in MO VAL are relatively nice and the people are very sweet. However, there are also some pretty sketch spots and my companion and I have had to make a run for the car a few times. There is a lot of racial diversity and on one street we could meet people from 5 different cultures. Wow! One thing about this area that causes the missionaries a little bit of grief is the fact that we get mistaken for Jehovah's Witnesses ALL THE TIME. As a result to this, people often respond in very rude and vulgar ways. I have never had the F word screamed at me this much in my life, I suppose there is a first time for everything! Haha!

San Bernardino this week, as I am sure you all know, suffered a terrorist attack. San Bernardino is about 30 minutes from where I am serving. I had the opportunity to meet with people who work there and needed strength after a traumatic day- What a great time to share the light and hope of the message of Jesus Christ. This event has been the talk of the town down here and I am grateful that we have the gospel to help comfort people. 

Well that is all for this week folks, thank you all so much for your love and support. I am so grateful to be a part of your lives. Always remember how much the Lord wants to be a part of our lives too! 
Merry Christmas and God Speed.

Hermana Tobler

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