Monday, December 14, 2015

Keep on Sicken' that Sickle...! 12/14/15

Howdy y'all!

Wow what a week it has been. I am glad that most of you were amused with my dessert experience, I certainly was! I am working on getting more stealthy with my distaste for certain foods. I have also received a lot of advice on the subject so thank you all!

This past week has been pretty uneventful aside from a few things. 1! We got to go to the Red lands temple on Thursday. 2! We baptized our "Golden Investigator" Felipe. 3! I almost got eaten by several dogs. 4! My companion and I went dumpster diving. 5! We got to sing in a Samoan fireside!

So.. Lets talk temple! The first thing that I noticed about this temple was that it was absolutely darling, and that they cut the bottom of the angel Moroni's feet off.. I guess that the people who live by the temple like it better that way? It was a little weird. Aside from that , it was such a wonderful experience and I felt spiritually recharged afterwards. What a blessing it is to have temples so close by in Utah. No matter where you are, it feels like you are going home when you walk in those doors. 

FELIPE! Our precious little Felipe got baptized and we just adore him. The three Hermanas that taught him (I am included) got to sing a song for him. It was so fun. Baptisms are so rewarding. There is such an incredible spirit about seeing someone make that step, they are demonstrating that they are ready to become disciples of Christ. I hope everyone can be as motivated and excited about the gospel as a freshly baptized member is. 

Who let the dogs out?? I mean seriously... People need to try and encourage their animals not to go tearing after two innocent young ladies walking down the street. My goodness... We had one such experience where we were walking by some run-down homes in a sketchier area. That one Christmas song that goes "Bells will be ringing..!" was playing in the garage of one guy and my companion and I were thoroughly enjoying the song as we passed. The old man living at the home had a huge truck parked in the drive way that blocked the rest of the street and his yard from view. As we rounded the side of the truck, a GIGANTIC black dog jumped out at us! It was so big and it's bark was so loud and scary that my companion screeched and took off in one direction and I leapt into the road. Thankfully the vicious beast was secured with an oppressive thick chain... otherwise we would have been dog food for sure! The old man was just as grumpy as his dog and he completely ignored our greetings and walked inside. Oh well. After a solid 10 minutes my heart finally calmed down and we were both recovered. PHEW.

Unfortunately, this week my retainer got thrown away. I was absolutely distraught. So after church yesterday, I was very determined to find my retainer... I dragged my companion along and together we went dumpster diving. We waded through piles of rotten meat, clumps of hair, random food, diapers, and just about everything you can imagine. We didn't find the retainer so I am forced t assume that it wasn't meant to be. OH Welllll.... 

Last night was an interesting experience. We got to be a part of a Samoan missionary fireside. In the Samoan world  missionaries are so so special and they did a whole fireside for 2 departing missionaries. Samoans are so cool and they have the greatest voices. I was so impressed by their love and devotion to testimony through music. 

I hope you are all enjoying the festivities of Christmas. I for one am still getting used to Christmas lights on orange trees. I miss you all and I pray each and every one of you are well. Stay safe and God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

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