Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hola Peeps!

WoWiE I can't believe I am leaving the CCM on Tuesday. Time is starting to fly by and I am really excited to get out into the field. You can only teach a fake investigator so much... I am really going to miss all the sweet sweet people I have met here. The teachers in the CCM are the best and I love them so much. However, my tolerance for the food here is just about capped. One can only eat cereal, salad, and bananas for so long! And yes, I have developed a reputation as the crazy Hermana who eats healthy. LOL. Despite all my complaints, Mexico has really grown on me and I feel like in the time I have been here I have become more humble, closer to my Savior, and slightly better at Spanish. I should also mention that I have developed somewhat of a skill in ping pong and I am getting better at volleyball. Whoop! Today we got bored of the ping pong table and decided to use the volleyball court to play ping pong. We broke the ball but it was so fun/weird/great.

This week was pretty low key and we have been focusing on wrapping up our studies and getting ready to leave. Last night all the Hermanas in my casa had a transfer journal party. We sat in the hallway, ate veggies straws and cried- (happy tears of course). I have to leave the CCM at 2:30 am and fly all day to get to Cali, it is going to be great, even if all the other Hermanas are leaving me for Chile. ;)  It will be strange to start all over again somewhere and be on my own as I work to improve my language. Speaking of language, I was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting on Sunday and I was able to give the whole thing in Spanish! I feel so blessed and I know that if I were trying to learn Spanish without the Lord's help I would still be stuck at square one. Square one for me was learning that 'Hello' in Spanish is not 'Hula'.. Oh dear. 

Okay I had better explain the subject of my email... "Oochama cha cha" is from the movie Nacho Libre and is part of a song that plays when Nacho is riding his weird bike/motercycle/cart around. This week Hermana and I saw one of the cool "oochama cha cha" bikes that the landscaping crew uses and we couldn't resist taking a picture. The guy who drove it was watching us and looked SO CONFUSED. Why would two American missionaries be taking pictures with lawn care equipment?? Well... It was funny and that is all I have to say for myself.

Sorry for the short message but I hope you all have a fantastic week, stay safe, and show your gratitude this month. Love you all!

God Speed,

xx- Hermana Tobler

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