Saturday, October 31, 2015

OCTOBLER Hurricane Survival 101

Howdy Ya'll!

I hope all of you are preparing for Halloween by making caramel apples, watching scary movies, and wearing cozy sweaters. Fall is my favorite time of year and Mexico's fall has consisted of sunny skies and no need to wear a jacket. I definitely miss fall in Utah!!

So as most of you know, Hurricane Patricia visited Mexico this past week and really stirred up the sky. We had a couple of exciting storms and the thunder was louder than I have ever heard it, it boomed all day for 2 days -reminding me of a very upset stomach! it is funny, you would think that after a rainstorm the air would smell fresh and clean right?? Wrong. Thanks to the pollution we have lovely metallic and acidic air. But we love it (kind of). We are all fine and the worst I had to suffer was a bad hair day from all the rain. I am very grateful. I haven't heard from anyone else but I hope that the hurricane didn't destroy too much. 

Things are going well for me down here, even if the Spanish is continually getting more advanced. I am so blessed to have great teachers. The Mexican teachers are hilarious! Most of them hardly know any English so that can get pretty funny. If you haven't heard a Mexican tell you he/she is "Santa Vaca flabbergasted" you need to put it on your bucket list. You will probably die laughing. I feel like my Spanish is getting better, however, nothing humbles you more than accidentally telling your investigator that your lesson is a "fish lesson"... The words fish, weights, sins, and past all sound so similar in Spanish... Needless to say, my companion and our investigator had a hard time recovering from that. Speaking of our investigator, this past week Hermana Krumholz and I had a interesting experience with our teacher/investigator. We came up to the door of the room where we practice our lessons. We saw Hermano Nugeda inside writing a review from the lesson before ours. We knocked tentatively on the door to see if he was ready for us. When he looked up, I literally almost jumped out of my skin. We must have alarmed him and he had removed his glasses,resulting in a very different image of our teacher. He is very brown and the skin around his eyes is even darker, resulting in a raccoon eye effect. So when he looked up at us he really resembled a terrorist. I hope that isn't racist because I love that man to death but he really put terror in our hearts. Of course we busted up laughing afterward and barely managed to teach a serious lesson.

Sundays in the CCM are almost as good as Christmas. We get to go to Santa Cena, Relief Society, and have a devotional. However, everyone is always most excited about movie night each Sunday. Everyone comes down to the auditorium and we get to watch a spiritual church movie. Let me tell ya... We all live for that movie. We have watched The Restoration: Joseph Smith Movie, Meet the Mormons and the Lamb of God. Good stuff. 

I know the gospel is true and I am loving my mission. Thank you all for your prayers and emails, I definitely appreciate it. Stay strong in the faith and keep moving forward. Remember, if you are having a bad day, serve someone. 

* "We rise by lifting others" *

Happy Halloween and Stay safe!!

Love , Hermana Tobler

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