Monday, October 26, 2015

SPANGLISH.... The stuff of life.

​Hola everyone!!

As I put week 2 behind me, I am forced to reflect on how much can happen in that short of time. Sometimes it feels like I am in paradise with all the parrots and palm trees. Other times I feel like this place resembles a prison. Just kidding but not really. Each day is so long I have a hard time remembering what happened that morning. However, I feel like I can give you all a brief run through of what it is like to be a missionary in the Mexico City MTC. 

Like all missionaries, we wake up at 6:30 in the morning and get ready for the day. We walk to the comedor and eat breakfast with all the missionaries. After breakfast we spend the rest of the morning studying Spanish, Preach my Gospel, Spanish, a little bit of Book of Mormon doctrine, Spanish, Spanish grammar, and Spanish application. By the time lunch rolls around our brains are a little fried. The rest of the afternoon is spent doing computer language study, more Spanish homework, and gym time. I seriously love gym time. Hermana Krumholz and I feel so loved because all the Elders in our district beg us to play volleyball with them, and we know they aren't begging because we are excellent players. I have to remind them on occasion that I got a 'C' on my serving test in Jr. High Gym. I have a great district. After gym we study more, eat dinner, and resume our classes. We have a night teachers that come and pour more Spanish into our overly exhausted minds. At 9:30 pm we all walk back to our casas' absolutely delirious. We have so much fun though and I really love the routine.

Quick funny story... In my last email I touched on how we are constantly dealing with cannons, fireworks and gunshots in the outside world. Sometimes they are REALLY LOUD. I usually jump a foot or two. This past week Hermana Krumholz and I were walking to the computer lab and an extremely loud cannon shot went off. I shouted "HECK!" and she shouted "HOLY FREAK!" simultaneously. After we recovered, we both looked at each other and laughed at our choice of words. We then committed to more dignified missionary vocabulary. It was quite the experience. I swear though, these Mexicans have no regard for a sleep schedule. Every day is a reason to party... Imagine the noise of the Fourth of July every night. Yes, that is Mexico City.

Tuesday nights are devotional nights and I had the privilege of participating in ours. I got to sing a Spanish hymn with 3 other girls, it was scary and fun. Yay for being an alto who can carry a tune (and that is it)! Being a pianist I am constantly being asked to play things so I am blessed every week with the opportunity to play all three hymns every sacrament meeting. I was also pegged with the responsibility to do a musical number so I ended up renting a violin from the hospital (yeah they store the violins in the infirmary, very weird) and playing a musical number as well. I probably would complain more but it is such a release to play my instrument!! Keep practicing kids!

Last little bit here.. Yesterday we had the chance to talk to local Mexico City members. Hermana Krumholz and I got to talk to a darling 9 year old girl name Pamela, and her sweet grandpa. She helped us with our Spanish and we were able to share a short message about the Book of Mormon with her. She was so precious. We also spoke to a amazing older lady who was a convert to the church, her name was Carmen. It is incredible to see how the church changes peoples' lives. It is such a blessing to be born into the gospel but I almost think that having the gospel later in life makes you appreciate it more. Does that make sense??

Anyways, sorry my message is shorter this week, I guess things are starting to normalize. I love and miss you all. 

Stay safe and God speed. 

Love, Hermana Tobler

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