Sunday, May 15, 2016

JeRuPa BaBy! 5/9/16

iHola amigos y familia!

I hope everyone enojoyed their Mothers Day celebrations as much as I did. I had the pleasure of speaking with my beautiful life giver and it was just wonderful. I have no doubt that I am here because of her. Gracias Mama por todo. <3

UPDATES! So... The time has come for me to leave my cradle and depart into the unknown world of Riverside County. I will be serving in a tiny little valley called Jerupa just West of Riverside. YAY! I am super excited because I will be serving in a TRIO. What???? But actually that means that we will be able to get even more work done together so I am thrilled about it. 

So this week I had a pretty spectacular experience. 
I have written about one of my dearly beloved investigators a few times. His name is Gerardo. Leaving him will be the hardest part about leaving Moreno Valley but I know he is in good hands. Anyway, we had my last lesson with him earlier this week and it was just a miraculous experience. 
So Gerardo is wonderful, he is progressing so quickly. He is friends with the whole ward and he comes to church EVERY SUNDAY plus reads his scriptures and folletos diligently. He prays morning and night in his own way and has such a great desire to learn more. The most difficult thing this transfer has been getting him to pray for us as a group and in the way that our Savior has instructed us. We spent the entirety of our lesson stressing the importance of prayer and how we NEED this relationship with our Heavenly Father. The spirit was so strong and I could feel the great love that Heavenly Father has for his son Gerardo. 
Finally, at the end of the lesson, we asked him to say the closing prayer and he said... NO..
UGHHGHG.... Hermano! We just spent the past hour testifying and teaching about this!
No, we didnt say that exactly but we sure tried to help him see how important it is to pray. With a sigh of defeat, I said the closing prayer. 
Almost immediately after I finished, Hermano Gerardo began talking. It took us a minute to realize it but HE WAS PRAYING! His prayer was so beautiful, simple and heartfelt. The spirit in the room intensified. I almost cried as I listened to this man make a big step in the right direction. JOY!
What a miracle. I love this man, and I am totally going to return to my beloved Moreno Valley for his baptism. I am thankful for the opportunity that I had to teach this darling man. My life is better because of him. 

Thank you all for your continual love and support. I will talk to you all again next week!
Stay Safe & God Speed.

Love, Hermana Tobler

Gerardo con migo a la Iglesia!!

Moreno 1/2 zone family photo. The Elder in the center looks very happy. no se por que.
Last Day in MoVal!!

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