Friday, January 15, 2016


Oh my Gooodnessss! HELLO EVERYONE!

Such a long, wonderful, and crazy week. I am absolutely lovin life and I am grateful to be on the Lord's errand. This week we got dumped on as a precursor to El Nino. (The giant rainstorm that will take over Cali) So much more fun to proselyte in the rain in my opinion! No more dusty, dehydrated, brown/yellow MoVal! We are working our way to green and that is just so exciting to me. Speaking of rain.. cool experience this week! So out of desperation and soaking legs and skirts, my companion and I made a quick detour to Burlington to pick up some rainboots for me. To my dismay, the massive shoe selection consisted of HIGH heels, sandals, and a lonely pair of cowboy boots. (what?) I searched everywhere anyway and soon realized that we were waisting our time there. Frustratedly I said to my companion: "Let's go, there aren't ANY rainboots here..." Then I look down and LO and BEHOLD! A shiny pair of cute black rainboots in my size sat at my feet. Holay Mackerel. I was speechless. In a matter of 2 minutes I was walking to the car holding my $25 gift from God. I was thrilled.

I might as well explain my subject by saying that a less than kind Pitbull decided to finish it's dinner with my leg. Poor Roxy only got to try a little bit a sister missionary but that is definitely okay with me. I was lucky that she was tied up and my getaway was short. After escaping from her claws I looked down at her angry black eyes and huge jaw that were snapping, then locking .. snapping and locking. I felt very relieved. Needless to say, we got outta there quick.
BUNNIES! Bunnies along with some dogs and horses are the only animal that I can abide with. I had the pleasant opportunity of holding a little bundle of white fur and big blue eyes yesterday. As I stared at Candy's tiny pink nose and little paws I couldn't help but think that God is so creative and that Bunnies are way better than Pitbulls. YEET<>.

So on Monday, we had an Elder come from the Quorum of the 70 speak to our mission. Elder Hamula is a spiritual giant and I learned SO MANY THINGS. The main idea of our all day conference was that repentance is not a negative thing. Repentance, or forsaking of our sins, is simply "re-turning" ourselves to Christ. What a blessing it was to hear that, it makes repentance so much easier and so much more positive. I am still on a spiritual high from that meeting!

Thanks to all for everything you do, I pray for you always.
Stay safe and God Speed. 

love, Hna Tobler

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