Monday, January 18, 2016

Baby in my Bread 1/18/16

Hi Friends and Fam-Bam!

I hope everyone is doing well out there and that you all are sticking to your new years resolutions. Such fun stuff. There isn't too much to report this week but all is well here in Moreno Valley. I have been living off grapefruits and oranges and the sunsets we have are just to die for. I am still not used to seeing all the palm trees and citrus groves everywhere. Every time I see a glossy mandarin orange tree I do a double take and have to remind myself that I am in a land of plenty! 
I have a love/ hate relationship with Sundays. Sundays on a mission are such a struggle.. Every week we work like crazy to get these darling people to come to church. When the feel the spirit and want to change their lives in the lessons you feel like they are ready to be baptized tomorrow! Then, they dont come to church that Sunday and your heart just shatters. I guess slow and steady does win the race!

We had quite a bit of success this week, We were blessed to pick up 6 new investigators this week and that was SO EXCITING.
One of the new investigators is a super sweet lady named Laura. She just escaped from an AWFUL and ABUSIVE husband and is now trying to piece her life back together. She and her 5 year old daughter are looking for peace and friends. Perfect. She and I really connected over a similar trial that I had and that she is going through now.I feel overjoyed to share my experiences and how the gospel is a life changer. SO special. Even though my Spanish stinks and I am in no wise close to fluent, I feel the spirit speak stronger than anything when I stumble through the lessons. I am grateful to have a back up. 

Members Members Members... I love em so much.We taught a Bible study class this week and I took the role of writing all the important points on the chalk board while my companion explained things. The members were so shocked that I could write, they kept saying "Wow she can write but she can't speak Spanish at all!" Haha.. I may not be very good but I can certainly understand them. So funny though. You can't ever be offended in this culture.  With the new year, Latinos have a tradition of eating this special sweet bread with plastic baby Jesus's inside. Ummmm... yeah, so whoever has a slice of bread with a baby in it has to make tamales in February. Of course I got a baby. However, I dont think I will be making tamales this year. Haha. 

Well that's all this week folks! Have a good one continue to turn yourself to Christ!
Stay Safe and God Speed. Xx.
Love, Hermana Tobler

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