Monday, April 3, 2017

Y que tengan un buen dia... 4/3/17


It's totally fine that the days are limited and that my life feels like it is ending and my heart is about to break! Jk that is a complete falsehood. It's not fine. But it's a good thing that Jesus Christ's Atonement covers the pain of missionaries' broken hearts. 

BUT that is not important right now. 
This week was a CrAzy one and we were running around like crazy! We have been teaching four investigators who will be baptized on the 9th of April. They all come to church no problem but we haven't been able to teach them as consistently as we would have liked. So this week we were teaching machines!!! The only problem is that one of the investigators, Fred, has a smoking problem that hit us totally blindsided! So.... we will keep working with him but it might take a little more time than a week. Yeet. 

The point is, we feel so humbled and blessed to be teaching such great people. Olga's 9 year old son Kai is one of the baptismal candidates for next week. Anddddd...can I just say it is absolutely creepy how smart he is? Literally I tell him.
"So Kai, the Book of Mormon is an ancient book of scripture that was translated through the prophet Joeseph Smith."

Kai: "Yeah! Didn't a guy bury it in a stone box in the ground for Joseph to find and be guided by God? What's his name...... Moroni??"

How ON EARTH does he know that??? 
He is literally nine years old and he dances around in slippers with his chihuahua while we teaching him.. #amazed

We had an incredible lesson with Yolanda yesterday. 
Literally this woman is a hero. She has gone through SO MUCH but she has so much faith!!
Her sister was even giving her a hard time for listening to us and in response Yolanda referred to herself as part of the church already as she defended it. 

Yesterday we taught about the Sabbath day and keeping the Word of Wisdom. Everything went perfectly and she 100% committed. We also closed the lesson by talking about the Book of Mormon. It was a privilege and pleasure to testify of what our prophet had so loving testified just a little earlier that day.

We felt prompted to tell her that she was holding in her hands the tools to be able to make it out of any hardship in the future. That her heart can be healed and that the gospel is here for HER so she can finally find PEACE and HAPPINESS. To me, Yolanda represents the attribute "HOPE". She hopes for happiness, for peace, for rests from her troubles, for opportunities to come closer to Christ, and to make something more out of her life. I have seen that hope develop into faith as she has acted upon the promptings of the Holy Ghost. She has already felt an increase of peace in her life and as she hungers for more, she turns more to her Savior. 
Her closing prayer made my heart want to break out of my chest, she is a miracle story and I CANT WAIT for her baptism!!! 

Multizones was awesome this week! I really had a great time at my last one and I was grateful that it was a review of what Elder Hamula taught. That guy's message from January 2016 changed my life!! I came to know the Savior better as we discussed His essential role in the plan and how because of Him this beautiful work is possible. Jesus Christ is the reason for my mission! If it weren't for Him, I wouldn't even have a purpose here, I couldn't invite people to come unto anyone because there would be no hope. That is why I love my mission so much, because I have been able to come to know the Savior better, and invite people to come unto Him and let Him work His Atonement in their lives. What joy!! 

Specifically, I came to know the Savior better through reading scriptures about His post mortal appearances. I was drawn to the fact that His post mortal conversations with people seemed even MORE loving. He had, (maybe if it is possible and not false doctrine) even MORE love for all after His Atoning sacrifice. Our jubilant Savior played His part in the plan perfectly and as a resurrected and glorified Being, He was ready to make it known.

Well family and friends, this isnt the end offically but either way, I hope you have a great week!
Be Safe&God Speed.
Love, Hermana Tobler

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